The US Senate has confirmed Army General Christopher Cavoli to serve as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR) and to lead US forces in Europe. Cavoli, currently Commander United States Army Europe and Africa, will succeed Air Force General Tod Wolters. The appointment was confirmed on 24th June. An inauguration ceremony will take place on 1st July after the NATO summit in Madrid, which takes place from 29-30 June.

Born in 1964 in Würzburg, Germany, General Wolters joined the US Armed Forces as an infantryman in 1987. Before that, he finished his biology degree at Princeton University. His CV lists positions in the US, Europe and Asia, including command assignments in the infantry and an armoured division. He served as deputy commander of Regional Command West in Herat, Afghanistan, and as deputy to the commanding general operations of the 82nd Airborne Division.

At the Pentagon, he was, among other things:

  • the Russia Division Chief
  • Deputy Executive Assistant to the US Chief of Staff
  • Director of the Coordination Group of the Army Chief of Staff

A four-star general, he speaks French, Italian and Russian and holds a Master’s degree in Eastern European Studies.