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Indra has been awarded a contract from Kongsberg to supply electronic reconnaissance systems as part of the ORCCA command and weapon control system for up to six Type 212CD submarines for the German and Norwegian navies. Reportedly, the order has a value of €70M.

According to Indra, the electronic reconnaissance system is based on broadband signal interception and analysis, interferometry to determine the position of potential threats, and digital receiver technology to generate radar and communications data. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system is to be able to adapt to future threats.

The X-band radar used is a dual continuous wave and pulse wave radar, fully digitised and resistant to hostile jamming attempts.

Indra’s supply will be integrated with the ORCCA combat system and is expected to play a key role in providing situational awareness.

In mid-2021, the procurement authorities of Germany and Norway had signed the contract for the delivery of four submarines for Norway and two for Germany. This has a total worth of €5.5Bn and construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.