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Rheinmetall’s subsidiary American Rheinmetall Munition (Stafford, VA) has been awarded a $2.5M contract from the US Army for the delivery of a shorter and lighter artillery weapon system in support of the National Defense Strategy, the company writes in a press release.

A lightweight artillery cannon is considered suitable to enhance the mobility, manoeuvrability and lethality of army artillery systems and can provide the long-range firing performance capability the Army is seeking for its entire howitzer fleet. It is to further inform the Army’s ongoing capability assessment for next-generation armament.

COL Lance Green, the Military Deputy of the Combat Capabilities Development Command-Armament Center (DEVCOM AC) stated, “This DEVCOM AC project alongside numerous other active science and technology efforts could provide our warfighters a distinct advantage in this increasingly complex security environment.”

American Rheinmetall Munition is part of the American Rheinmetall family of US defence companies which include:

  • US corporate parent American Rheinmetall Defense in Reston, VA
  • American Rheinmetall Systems in Biddeford, ME
  • American Rheinmetall Vehicles in Sterling Heights, MI