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At SOFIC, Teledyne FLIR introduced the SeaFLIR 240 and TacFLIR 240 high-resolution, multispectral surveillance systems for maritime and land-based operations.

According to the comopany, SeaFLIR 240 is a lightweight, stabilised tower with inertial navigation for a wide range of HD payload options. This allows sensors to be integrated as required for at-sea missions such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), search and rescue and special operations. Integrated image processing technology and the system’s small size enable its use on combat ships, small boats and unmanned surface vessels, the company emphasises.

TacFLIR 240 is designed for use in manned and unmanned vehicles to identify and track smugglers, terrorists and other threats by day and night. The system supports the detection and assessment of medium-range objects and vehicles. Key features of the new imaging products include:

  • HD MWIR thermal, HD daylight and HD low light camera options
  • eye-safe laser rangefinder and laser pointer
  • high performance CPU/GPU/DVR with video processing and numerous interfaces and special protocols