Against the background of the German-Dutch procurement project for a new airborne vehicle platform (LuLa), KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) and Denture have agreed an MoU, Defenture writes in a press release. LuLa is to replace the airborne forces’ existing vehicles and forms part of the €100 Bn special fund approved by the German Parliament. Defenture’s GROUNDFORCE (GRF) vehicle is in servivce with the Dutch Army and forms the basis for the planned LuLa vehicle family.

According to the company, GRF is a truly Military of the Shelf platform with a weight of five tons and a payload of two tons. Reportedly, the vehicle is certified for airlift in a CH-47F CHINOOK. GRF offers integrated and modular ballistic protection. Its turning radius is nine metres based on a four-wheel steering system. In the scope of the MoU, KMW is in charge of various equipment kits.