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The German Armed Forces have received mobile representative models of Russian tanks for gunnery training, according to a statement by the manufacturer GaardTech on Twitter. This said that robotised models of the Russian T-72, T90A and T14 Armata MBTs have been delivered on the basis of a contract from early 2022, in cooperation with Land Systems & Aviation Spares, Gaardtech’s distribution partner in Germany. The contract is valued at approximately €380,000.

An Australian company, GaardTech produces full-scale 2D target silhouettes and 3D models of combat vehicles. These models are made of thin sheet metal, and can also simulate thermal and radar signatures, as well as radio emissions, depending on user requirement.

The 2D targets are offered as either static or moveable targets, while the 3D models can be made mobile and operate eitherautonomously or via remote control. This allows simulation of formations and attacks, with the mobile variants’ built-in batteries allowing continuous operation for more than eight hours. GaardTech also offers networked firing range software for controlling the targets, running on tablets or battlefield computers.