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The US Army has taken delivery of the first STRYKER equipped with the 30 mm Medium-Calibre Weapon System (MCWS) unmanned turret from Oshkosh Defense at the Aberdeen Test Centre. According to Oshkosh, the system is due to undergo product verification testing before being released for serial production.

The base vehicle used is the most recent version of the STRYKER A1 double-hulled Infantry Carrier Vehicle V-shaped (ICVVA1), while the MCWS unmanned turret is based on the Rafael SAMSON turret design. For the upgrade programme, Oshkosh has partnered with Pratt Miller Defense and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

In June 2021, the US Army awarded Oshkosh Defense a five-year framework contract for the upgrades. Reportedly, delivery of the first seven MCWS STRYKER vehicles isscheduled for September 2022, and product verification tests are due to be completed by June 2023. According to Oshkosh, the first upgraded vehicles are slated to be handed over to the I-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) as early as July 2023.

The US Army has a total requirement for 269 vehicles to be upgraded under the framework contract, which is scheduled for completion by 2027. In addition to this batch, a further 20 vehicles are earmarked for product verification testing (PVT), follow-on operational testing & evaluation (FOT&E) and logistics development.