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Finland has a concept of comprehensive security which means that every actor, private or public, plays a part in Finland’s security. The Finnish industry as a whole is an important player providing some of the critical infrastructure and its security as well as enabling Finnish security of supply. Strong and credible national defence is a critical part of Finland’s comprehensive security.

Finland’s strong national defence is based on a general conscription model. Finland has a credible and pre-emptive threshold against potential use of force. A viable and competitive domestic defence industry is a fundamental element of credible national defence. Finnish technology expertise plays an important role in the entirety of the defence system and in military security of supply. Critical capabilities areas include command, control and net-centric capabilities, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities, engagement and protection. The government sees these technologies as necessary in ensuring that Finland has the required technology and engineering know-how for life-cycle management, production, research and development, planning and design. This applies to our capability to integrate, maintain and repair systems, also in times of crisis.

A major part of army, navy and air force maintenance has been outsourced to domestic companies, which act as close partners to the Defence Forces. The Finnish Public-Private Partnership model relies on companies carrying out their responsibilities to secure military capabilities. A possible NATO membership does not diminish the need for a strong national defence and defence industry.

The changes in the European security environment have an impact on all defence industries and this applies also in Finland. It is important that the national defence industry can support Finnish defence during these times. The companies are highly prepared as they have planned and practiced to be able to carry out their tasks in all security situations.
The Finnish defence, security and aerospace industry see a possible NATO membership positive and an enabler for enhanced cooperation especially in research and development. The Finnish industries are already involved in many NATO activities, but a full membership would, naturally, bring more opportunities for the companies.