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The German Ministry of Defence has stated that Germany will deliver 50 DINGO protected patrol vehicles and two additional MARS II rocket artillery systems, including associated ammunition, to Ukraine. The training of Ukrainian crews on both the DINGO and the MARS II will be carried out in Germany, and is due to be begin in September.

The DINGOs are intended to help alleviate Ukraine’s demand for protected vehicles, and the vehicle has reportedly proven itself in Bundeswehr missions and mission-equivalent commitments.

The transfer of these vehicles is due to be accompanied by additional measures to lessen the impact on the Bundeswehr’soperational readiness and training requirements. The Ministry did not provide further details on the measures, only stating that German contingents would not be affected by the vehicle transfer due to the accompanying measures.

In its press release, the Ministry did not address the Kiev’s previous requests for LEOPARD 2 family MBTs and MARDER IFVs to assist in its defence against Russia’s invasion.