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Łukasiewicz – Instytut Lotnictwa (The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation) in Warsaw has presented its latest product – the PRC-650 patrol/Search & Rescue (SAR) hovercraft. Farada Group from Lubartów, which is known for producing drones for medical transport, was granted a licence to manufacture the hovercraft, including for international users.

The producer underscored that the hovercraft was designed to meet needs of various services, including police, fire brigades, border guards and water rescue units. It may be also used by military forces for various duties, including surveillance and rapid interdiction. According to the designer, it took two years to complete design work on the PRC-650. The vehicle has already undergone testing on water.

PRC-650 was designed to operate primarily on inland waters and is capable of operating in conditions which would be difficult for other watercraft, such as on partially frozen bodies of water with brittle ice, and in low-level waters. The craft canreduce thrust without changing pressure in its air cushion, and its manoeuvrability is highly controlled. It is powered by a BUKH SOLAS 2.4 L marine diesel engine, developing 149 kW (200 hp), and providing a top speed of 70 km/h. In terms of dimensions, the craft’s total length is 6.5 m, while its width is 2.2 m. The craft weighs 1100 kg empty, and has a gross vehicle weight of 2200 kg. Its weight and dimensions allow the craft to be transported by helicopter or in an ISO container.The vehicle has sufficient space to seat up to nine personnel.