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Embraer today announced the delivery of the first two SABER M60 version 2.0 radars to the Brazilian Army, which will be assigned to their Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Units. In addition to these two radars, Embraer is due to deliver a further four of the same model, following the award of a contract in April 2022.

The SABER M60 is a 3D search radar that intended for a low-altitude point defence of strategic objects or areas, such as factories, power plants, and government facilities. It is capable of tracking up to 60 targets simultaneously, out to a range of 59 km and an altitude of up to 5 km. Additionally, it includes low probability of intercept characteristics, and has an automatic target detection and classification capability. The manufacturer has stated that the antenna it can be assembled in 15 minutes.

The SABER M60 radar acquisition is part of the 2020-2023 Brazilian Army Strategic Planning to improve their land forces’ operational capacity. The SABER M60 was developed as through a partnership between Embraer and the Brazilian Army, aimed at developing a low-altitude AAA radar. The first version of the SABER M60 is already operational with Brazil’s Army and has been exported. The 2.0 variant completed development in 2019, following the conclusion of its technological update phase.