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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has announced that they have been awarded a contract to supply several dozen mobile configuration DRONEGUARD COMJAM systems to an undisclosed customer in Asia.

The DRONEGUARD COMJAM system is a Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV) detection and jamming system. The system consists of two primary operating components, omnidirectional and directional radio frequency (RF) direction finders, and directional and omnidirectional RF jammers. The former passively detects emissions from UAVs, and uses them to determine UAV’s direction of arrival (DOA), while the latter emits jamming signals to disrupt the UAV’s navigation and control frequencies. IAI’s figures state a frequency coverage of 400-6,000 MHz, a maximum detection range of 5 km, and a root mean square (RMS) DOA accuracy of 2° for the tripod-mounted version of the system.

According to IAI, if Multiple DRONEGUARD COMJAM systems are deployed at the same site, they can be used to locate the UAV’s position. The company added that the system is capable of engaging UAVs whether they are operating independently or in swarms, without impacting civilian communications and GPS in the same area.

IAI stated that they have already delivered several hundred DRONEGUARD COMJAM systems to various customers, adding that they are typically used to protect critical installations, as well as major events such as the 2018 G20 Summit held in Argentina.