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At the Helitech and DroneX 2022 Exhibition, UK-based company London Defense R&D stated that they had provided their counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) systems to Ukraine. According to a company representative, five LDR80 portable directional UAV jammers, and one tripod-based LDR300 omnidirectional jammer, were delivered to Ukraine approximately four months ago. Company representatives stated that the systems had since been fielded in combat conditions, and had received good feedback from their Ukrainian operators.

The LDR80 is a hand-held UAV jamming device which uses a narrow jamming beam to disrupt command and navigation frequencies used by small UAVs, with an effective range of 1 km. The larger LDR300 operates on the same principles, but uses an omnidirectional antenna to provide jamming in all directions out to a range of 500 m.