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Announced at Eurosatory 2022, held this week in Le Bourget-Paris, Israel Shipyards developed a new corvette designated the S-80 class. The S-80 is a derivative of the earlier SA’AR S-72 design, which has so far been used for the Israeli Navy’s RESHEF class missile boats. The new S-80 corvette is intended to be a multi-role vessel and compared to the earlier S-72 design it features greater capacity for payload, weapon systems and broader electronic warfare (EW) capabilities, along with greater range and endurance. During the launch ceremony, it was mentioned that already several other countries besides the IDF Navy are interested in this new offering.

During Israel Shipyards´ large launch ceremony during EuroNaval 2022, suppliers and partners were in attendance along with undisclosed Naval attachés.

Photo: Stephen Elliott

Pictured (abve) at the event in front of a model of the new SA’AR S-80, from left to right: Ralf Kaetscher, Sales Director at RENK Group; Eitan Zucker, CEO at Israel Shipyards; and, Marco Harth, Senior Sales Manager at RENK Group. Renk will supply the gear boxes for the new ships, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Israel Shipyards has a both a strong cooperative and customer footprint in the EMEA defence and civilian market.

The vessel measures 80 metres long, powered by four diesel engines and two shaft lines, providing a maximum speed of over 28 knots, and is equipped with a variable-pitch propeller system. The S-80 can be operated as a corvette or as an offshore patrol vessel (OPV) version, depending on user requirement.