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HGH has developed a new application of the SPYNEL technology in combination with the CYCLOPE software which provides improved 360° coastal and maritime surveillance. The application can track each alert or potential attack and isolate it for analysis in real time.

The new application developed by HGH is based on GAIA, an artificial intelligence processing feature, which improves detection by streamlining surveillance operations. The AI module uses neuronal networks designed for pattern-recognition (maritime, land and air surveillance applications). The automatic classification is efficient at long range, on a wide range of land and sea targets, from just a few pixels to very large objects. The combination of GAIA Artificial Intelligence with CYCLOPE video analytics provides early detection, tracking and classification of a variety of threats.

HGH is a company specialising in infrared technology and develops electro-optics systems and software for security, defence, oil and gas, energy and various industrial applications.