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SMARTSHOOTER announced yesterday that its US subsidiary SMARTSHOOTER Inc. has been awarded a contract from Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) to provide their SMASH 3000 (which has been previously marketed as SMASH 2000L) Fire Control System (FCS) for small arms to the US Army. The systems are due to be deployed by US Army Divisions to improve the counter-small unmanned aerial vehicle (C-sUAV) capabilities of infantry. The company also stated that SMASH 3000 is under evaluation by the US Marine Corps (USMC) Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), with live fire tests conducted in early August 2022.

The SMASH 3000 is an optical fire control system for small arms, which uses computer vision and artificial intelligence elements to improve the accuracy of the infantry weapon onto which it is mounted. The optic is capable of day or night operation, and is provided with a drone mode, to enable the shooter to engage small UAVs using small arms.