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Schiebel today announced that they have been awarded a “multi-million” Euro contract for the further development and delivery of CAMCOPTER S-100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by Spain’s Maritime Safety and Rescue Society (SASEMAR), as part of its iSAR search-and-rescue (SAR) programme. The quantity of CAMCOPTER S-100s to be delivered was not specified, nor was an approximate timescale.

In addition to delivery of the UAVs, the contract provides for the integration of various sensor payloads, including:

  • Overwatch Imaging PT-8DN Optoelectronic sensor
  • a Trakka TC-300 Optoelectronic/Infrared (IR) sensor
  • an Aeromon BH-12 Emission Measuring Device
  • a set of SENSIA Gas Imaging Devices

These payloads are due to be integrated to meet SASEMAR’s requirements for carrying out SAR missions, as well as various other operations. These include the detection of various drifting objects and detection of polluting substances. According to Schiebel, the project also includes a data collection and distribution system for combining information from:

  • the S-100 sensors
  • manned AW139 & C235 aircraft
  • sensor data from ships