The NATO EF 2000 and Tornado Development, Production & Logistics Agency (NETMA) has awarded BAE Systems five-year contracts totalling GBP 80 M (USD 94 M) in value to continue to maintain the avionics of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft operated by the four founding nations of the Eurofighter consortium – Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy.

BAE Systems said the contracts, will secure ongoing service and repairs for key avionics equipment such as displays, flight controls and helmet-mounted displays, and ensure that the fighters are ready to operate at all times.

The company noted that avionics service and support is a key focus of their Rochester site in the UK site. Additionally, the integrated team at RAF Coningsby is embedded in the Typhoon Total Availability Enterprise contract and works closely with BAE Systems together to troubleshoot and perform repairs. The guaranteed turnaround times allow the customer to plan the operation of the aircraft more accurately. BAE Systems stated that the Eurofighter is Europe’s largest defence programme, securing over 100,000 jobs in Europe, and so far 681 Eurofighter aircraft have been sold to nine countries.