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On 16 November 2022, Elbit Systems announced that they had completed delivery of the Command and Staff Trainer system to the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) Land Training Centre in Amersfoort, where the system is due to be operational.

The Command and Staff Trainer system is based on Elbit’s OneSim simulation software, and enables high-fidelity, multi-domain combat training of commanders and headquarter staff at both brigade and battalion levels. The system supports large-scale geo-specific terrain, dynamic weather and allows for training over 100 trainees at a time. It is designed to emulate the flow of information between different levels of command and from a range of intelligence, target acquisition and fire functions, enabling complex, joint combat scenarios to be exercised. The exercise director can introduce dynamic, on-the-fly changes into the simulation, such as interference with tactical communications by cyber, bandwidth problems, terrain obstructions, weather and other effects, compelling trainees to respond to these challenges. The simulator includes combat scenarios in based on actual battle zones, as well as Operations Other Than War (OOTW) scenarios. The After-Action Review and Debrief mode provides synchronised playback of the entire exercise, giving trainees insight into the consequences of decisions and actions. A similar training simulator developed by Elbit Systems, known as the Brigade and Battlegroup Combined Arms Mission Training Center, has been in service with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) since 2020.