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On 17 November 2022, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced that the company had completed an interception test of the C-Dome Very Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) system.  The tests took place aboard the INS Oz, the second of four Israeli Navy Sa’ar 6 (Magen class) corvettes received by the navy in the past two years. Testing was conducted in conjunction with the Israeli Navy and the Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) of the Ministry of Defense. The Head of the IMDO Moshe Patel indicated that multiple threats had been identified and intercepted during the test, but did not confirm a precise figure.

The C-Dome is the naval configuration of the land-based Iron Dome system, using the same Tamir missile. The test marks a milestone for both the Sa’ar 6 corvette’s capabilities, as well as the readiness of the C-Dome System. In initial tests of the C-Dome system, an Iron Dome launcher was mounted on the deck of the INS Lahav Sa’ar 5 class corvette, while the production version of C-Dome first used on the Sa’ar 6 corvettes uses deck-penetrating vertical launch cells instead.