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On the European procurement platform TED, the Swedish procurement agency Försvarets materielverk (FMV) has announced the conclusion of a framework contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the delivery of 436 Bv 410 articulated all-terrain vehicles. The contract is valued at SEK 7.6 Bn (EUR 690 M), and includes spare parts and logistical support.

The BvS10, Photo: BAE Systems

The Bv 410 is a further development of the BvS 10, which has been in service with various users since 2005, and is provided with improved mine protection and a higher load-carrying capacity compared to its predecessor. The vehicle is tracked and has relatively low ground pressure, allowing operation on hard and soft soils, as well as snow. Additionally, they are amphibious, allowing them to traverse water obstacles. The vehicle is due to be procured in a number of variants, understood to include troop transport, logistics, communications, and ambulance variants. The troop transport variant is capable of carrying a commander and driver, plus up to twelve fully equipped soldiers in the protected crew compartment, depending on the mission equipment.

The CATV BVS10 Beowulf, Photo: BAE Systems

The contract is part of the Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) programme, which Sweden, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands joined in 2019 to jointly develop an all-terrain vehicle as a successor to the Bv 206. The intention is to create five national versions based on the joint development result, which are able to accommodate locally developed mission systems.

The BVS10 Mk II, Photo: BAE Systems

Germany has a requirement for 140 vehicles and expects a to spend approximately EUR 280 M. At present, Germany is in the process of finalising its technical requirements, following which parliamentary approval will be sought for an initial EUR 25 M purchase. Around EUR 18 M from the Bundeswehr’s special fund has been earmarked for the project in 2023, and a commitment appropriation of just under 1.2 billion euros for the following years.