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Rafael has announced that its SPYDER air defence system has been enhanced with a counter-TBM (tactical ballistic missiles) capability.

This feature has been developed in the scope of Rafael’s counter-TBM SPYDER programme, which involved researching and analysing the lessons learned from recent and ongoing armed conflicts involving extensive use of tactical ballistic missiles, the company writes in a press release. In response to operational requests from several existing international customers, the objective of the programme is reported to include the extension of the capabilities of the SPYDER’s effectors as well as the implementation of various counter-TBM derivatives across the system.

The SPYDER firing, Photo: Rafael

Rafael emphasises that SPYDER is the only Israeli-made air defence system that has been incorporated into the aerial defence array of NATO. SPYDER is a low-level surface-to-air missile system designed to counter attacks by aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, and precision-guided munitions.

The SPYDER MR, Photo: Rafael

SPYDER systems incorporate Rafael’s PYTHON-5 dual waveband IIR missile, I-DERBY active radar BVR, and the I-DERBY ER long-range missile, each of which can be used for air-to-air missions. Reportedly, the SPYDER-SR and SPYDER-ER variants provide 360° slant launching missile systems that provide lock-on-before-launch (LOBL), and lock-on-after launch (LOAL) capabilities while extending the range of defence to up to a 40 km radius. The SPYDER-MR and SPYDER-LR are said to offer medium and long-range target interception through vertical launch while pushing the defence envelope up to an 80 km radius. According to the company, the most recent variant, SPYDER All-in-One, incorporates an integrated radar, TOPLITE EO/IR sensor, and launcher onto a single platform.