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On 5 January 2023, Rheinmetall announced that they would increase their partnership with blackned GmbH, a software company based in Germany, by taking a 40% stake in the company. The purpose of this partnership is to support the digitisation of armed forces and to strengthen Rheinmetall’s position in the development of tactical information and communication networks and system networks. Blackned GmbH will retain its independence despite the partnership with Rheinmetall.

Blackned specializes in communications systems and has developed a product called TacticalCore. This product will be integrated into Rheinmetall’s existing systems as part of their efforts to digitise land-based operations for the Bundeswehr. The goal of this project is to modernise and equip the Bundeswehr for action by 2025 as part of the “Division 2025” project.

Rheinmetall is involved in projects related to the digitisation of armed forces in countries such as Australia, Great Britain, and Hungary.