Rheinmetall has announced a strategic partnership with Incooling B.V., reportedly a Dutch specialist for IT server solutions. Under the arrangement, Rheinmetall is acquiring a share in the company. According to Rheinmetall, this investment not only constitutes a further important step in the strategic transformation of Rheinmetall’s Sensors and Actuators division in the field of digitisation. Taking up a share in the Eindhoven-based company also supports the marketing of its next-generation server solutions. Moreover, in addition to digitisation, the investment augments Rheinmetall’s expertise base in four other technology clusters: automation, sensors, alternative mobility, and artificial intelligence, Rheinmetall writes in a press release.

Incooling server systems feature phase change cooling technology and AI-based control systems designed to reduce the temperature that CPUs currently operate at. As a result, Incooling servers attain the fastest processing speeds with significantly lower power consumption compared with server systems now on the market. This is especially advantageous for advanced applications such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, elaborate R&D simulations and high-frequency transactions for banking solutions, Rheinmetall emphasizes.