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Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV) has agreed with Horiba Mira to acquire the majority of the Mira Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) division. Under the agreement, IDV will also provide capital and capacity to take HORIBA MIRA’s UGV platforms and technology to the next level of development and production, the Iveco subsidiary writes. The focus is the Viking UGV 6×6 unmanned platform, which IDV says has become a mainstay of the UK MoD’s evaluation of autonomous technologies.

According to Horiba Mira, the 6×6 vehicle features dual-axle steering and individually suspended wheels for high mobility and exceptional manoeuvrability in difficult terrain. In addition to sensitive handling, payloads can be transported gently. This is advantageous for sensitive payloads and the evacuation of injured persons.

The parallel hybrid drive enables electric driving for more than 20 km on one battery charge, Horiba Mira added. Together with the diesel engine, the total range is up to 200 km. The battery can be charged via the hybrid drive, even while driving. This means that the Viking can also provide mains power for payloads, even outside the vehicle. The vehicle can carry up to 750 kg of payload.