Swedish defence manufacturer Saab will begin deliveries of its AT4CS AST ground combat weapon to the Indian Army towards the third quarter of 2023.

While not disclosing the numbers of the manportable, shoulder-launched weapon to be provided, Bo Thorn, President of Saab’s FFV Ordnance business, said at Aero India 2023 that the AT4CS AST “is a versatile, easy-to-carry weapon that can be effectively used to breach a wall, either in an urban set-up or at the border for a bunker breach”.

Besides Sweden, the AT4CS AST is also operated by the French armed forces.

Showcased at Aero India for the first time, the AT4CS AST is an optimal weapon for urban warfare as it can be fired from confined spaces. It has an integrated red dot sight compatible with night vision goggles and can target building structures, bunkers and light armoured vehicles as well as penetrate brick walls, including those made from doubly reinforced concrete.

The AT4CS AST is designed to target buildings and bunkers, penetrating brick walls including doubly reinforced concrete, as well as
light armoured vehicles. (Photo: Suman Sharma)

The weapon is 980 mm long, weighs 9.3 kg and has an effective range of 200 m.

The AT4CS AST has two modes – impact and delay – that are selected using a switch on the weapon.

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, which is responsible for homeland security, has reportedly shown interest in the weapon, but Thorn categorically denied that any enquiry had come from the ministry.

Regarding future Indian orders, Thorn said this possibility would depend on the assessment of the weapon following its induction into Indian Army service this year.

Already in use in the Indian Army is Saab’s Carl-Gustaf M4, with the army reportedly satisfied with its performance. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is a lightweight, flexible, manportable, multi-role weapon that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types, allowing it to engage armour, structural or personnel targets.

Saab’s AT4 family is a range of lightweight, manportable, disposable weapons characterised by their ease of use and handling.

Suman Sharma