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Guardiaris, hi-tech company in the military training sector, recently announced the launch of its new training center at the IDEX & NAVDEX 2023 event in Abu Dhabi. The company has made a name for itself with its advanced weapon simulators that use cutting-edge laserless technology, changing the way military training is conducted. The Training Hub at the event will present exclusive live demos of Guardiaris’ latest products and customizations, developed in partnership with Otokar, Rafael, Dynamit Nobel Defence, and Turmaks.

Premiere: Mobile Training Center on Wheels

For the first time, Guardiaris will reveal Mobile Training Center (MTC) on Wheels, a new product created in collaboration with Turmaks. The standalone solution in an expandable truck trailer container comes with pre-installed training equipment that ensures minimal preparation time for the training. Easily movable solution allows almost instant marksmanship and tactical training at any desired location.

Outstanding products for top industry players

Training Hub will exhibit a range of cutting-edge simulation trainers that are tailor-made for established companies in the defense industry. The trainers incorporate state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative training concept beyond the norm. Visitors will have the opportunity to try out exact Dynamit Nobel Defence’s RGW 110 replica simulator with all weapon’s features, operating in the Guardiaris’ top-quality synthetic training environment. Otokar will showcase its cabin vehicle trainer with a driver and gunner station, presenting Guardiaris’ complete customization case of Modular Military Vehicle Trainers (MMVT). The last in the series is the RCWS Table Top Trainer, developed in partnership with Rafael. A self-contained indoor trainer designed for operator-level classroom training based on a gunner and commander environment.

Revolutionary approach to air defence

BANS™ (Photo: Carboteh)

Guardiaris’ spinoff company, Carboteh, will also present BANS™, Battlefield Anti-aircraft Non-lethal VSHORAD System that provides effective anti-aircraft defense without firing a single shot. The light shoulder weapon simulates a missile launch pattern that triggers an aircraft’s missile launch warning and detection system, forcing the aircraft to dispense countermeasures and leaving it vulnerable to anti-aircraft missiles.

Guardiaris’ Training Hub will be located at the entrance of New Marina Hall, at NAVDEX stand number OD-000, in Abu Dhabi from 20-24 February 2023.