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Israel Shipyards will take the opportunity presented by IMDEX Asia, which is being held in Singapore from 3 to 5 May 2023, to promote its next generation of ships and discuss with naval and industry VIPs the unique advanced engineering and material science technologies that go into them, according to Oded Breier, Israel Shipyards’ vice president of marketing.

“Israel Shipyards has a strong focus on developing new technologies and materials that improve the performance and efficiency of its vessels,” said Breier. He also affirmed the company’s commitment to minimising its ships’ environmental impact, implementing eco-friendly best practices and Green-Edge© technologies throughout operations. “This ensures that Israel Shipyards remains at the forefront of the shipbuilding and repair industry, providing our clients with the most advanced solutions available that are both cost efficient and sustainable,” he said.

At IMDEX Asia 2023 Israel Shipyards will showcase the first appearance of the latest version of its OPV S-45 offshore patrol vessel. (Photo: Israel Shipyards)

While Israel Shipyards can boast of “a team of skilled professionals who are committed to delivering innovative solutions”, they also strive to honour time-proven traditions. “This,” said Breier, “enables Israel Shipyards to meet the unique needs of each customer, keeping on time and within budget, serving clients worldwide.”

As a spokesman for this leading shipbuilding and repair company, Breier affirmed that Israel Shipyards has an clear strategy for providing top-level services, attributing this to the company’s inimitable heritage and rich history spanning more than six decades.

With a length of 32.65 m, the Shaldag Mk V is the largest of Israel Shipyards’ Shaldag family of fast patrol craft. It displaces about 95 tons, can travel above 40 knots, and has a range of 1,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. (Photo: Israel Shipyards)

Breier and his team of experts will be available throughout IMDEX Asia 2023 at Booth L11, There, Israel Shipyards will showcase the first appearance of its latest version of its OPV S-45 offshore patrol vessel (OPV), recently delivered successfully by the customer’s crew and Israel Shipyards’ experienced team.

OPVs and fast patrol craft remain the mainstay of modern southern Asia-Pacific navies for a range of tasks, including: national defence, policing territorial waters, maintaining safe sea lanes, littoral search and rescue, and interdiction of illegal activities.

Israel Shipyards naval platforms showcased at IMDEX Asia 2023 include:

  • The OPV family (eg OPV-45), cost-effectively designed for open-sea patrolling, surveillance operations and strategic asset protection;
  • Variants of Shaldag fast patrol craft: ideal for the interdiction of seaborne terrorism and illegal activities as well as for coastal policing and EEZ protection;
  • The company’s family of corvettes (eg S-80), which are based on the Israel Navy’s Reshef-class corvette and feature cutting-edge capabilities necessary for future combat scenarios.
Israel Shipyards’ Shaldag Mk II fast patrol craft is a multi-mission combat-proven vessel with a length of 25.3 m and a maximum speed in excess of 45 knots. (Photo: Israel Shipyards)

Naval customers and potential partners can contact Ravit Rudoy at Israel Shipyards Ltd ( to arrange a briefing on the the company’s Green-Edge naval techniques and technologies and their relevance for modern warship design.

Curtis Hand