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Regulus Cyber, an Israel-based specialist in software-based GPS/GNSS security, announced on 9 May 2023 that it is launching a new fully operational counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) solution designed to protect armoured vehicles, convoys and deployed troops from hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including swarming UAV attacks.

Called the Ring ARM-V, the system “brings unmatched C-UAS capabilities to troops in any combat situation, without the need to jam or cyber hack”, according to the company.

Ring ARM-V is based on Regulus Cyber’s Ring C-UAS solution, which Regulus Cyber describes as “the first combat-proven system to manipulate satellite signals to intercept drones, UAS and swarms”. The Ring systems take control of the target UAVs, holding them off, crashing them, or forcing them to land. Whereas jamming uses high transmission power and must affect several radio frequency (RF) channels to be successful, which can therefore inadvertently affect various other systems in the surrounding area, Ring’s GPS manipulation can be used to target and neutralise specific single or multiple threats simultaneously. Using very-low-power transmission on a single channel, the Ring technology assures low collateral damage only on the GNSS channel.

The Ring ARM-V has two main modes of operation: a manual mode that uses a simple ‘red-button’ mechanical kill switch, which enables the user to focus on the vehicle’s main mission while the system integrates with the vehicle’s own command-and-control interface; or an automatic mode, which integrates with Regulus Ring R1 internal RF-based drone detection software, or any other detection capability.

The Ring ARM-V system can be operated on two settings: low power, providing about 150 m of all-round protection and up to 1,000 m of top protection, for use in the tactical protection of a single or small group of vehicles; or high power, providing up to 1,500 m of all-round protection and over 5,000 m of top protection, for use in emergency situations or to protect larger areas.

The Ring ARM-V C-UAS solution from Regulus Cyber as fitted to an AFV. The system manipulates satellite signals to intercept threat UAVs. (Photo: Regulus Cyber)

The Ring ARM-V system, Regulus Cyber noted, made history when it was recently installed, integrated and approved in an operational armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), making it the first AFV to ever incorporate an internal C-UAS capability.

“Integration was quick and simple, taking less than one month to complete. Operational testing is now beginning and the Ring ARM-V will be deployed for testing on other platforms during 2023,” the company stated.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the Ring ARM-V, based on the fully operational and combat-proven Ring C-UAS, which has been deployed and integrated with various systems and products,” Yonatan Zur, CEO & Co-Founder of Regulus Cyber, was quoted as saying in a company press release. “Designed together with a leading Western army to precisely meet the need to protect modern armoured and tactical vehicles from C-UAS in light of the current conflict in the Ukraine, the Ring ARM-V is based on a deep understanding of the threat to vehicles, troops, and convoys,” he added.

Peter Felstead