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Electro-optical detection and imaging specialist Photonis, held by HLD since 2021, announced on 16 May 2023 the signature of a definitive agreement to acquire the German company ProxiVision: a specialist developer and manufacturer of Ultra-Violet detection solutions.

“After the acquisition of Xenics last December and the signature of an agreement with Telops two weeks ago, Photonis group has the ambition to become the leader in high-end imaging products from the ultra-violet to the long-wave infra-red, covering a large type of applications such as machine vision, process monitoring, defence and power grid maintenance,” the company stated in a press release.

Images captured from Solar Orbiter, a Sun-observing mission by the ESA and NASA, were taken by the Extreme Ultra-violet Imager and Metis coronagraph, which use image intensifiers supplied by ProxiVision. (Photo: ESA/NASA)

Photonis CEO Jérôme Cerisier was quoted as saying, “With this acquisition we strengthen our positioning in ultra-violet and solar blind imaging devices with strong expertise and manufacturing capabilities. It is also a very nice opportunity to increase our footprint in Germany, in which we have key customers and significant background.”

With over 60 people and its headquarters based in Bensheim Germany, ProxiVision is recognised for its strong expertise in intensified tubes and cameras in the ultra-violet spectrum with solar-blind functionality. ProxiVision addresses various types of applications, such as missile warning systems, Corona discharge detection, semiconductor inspection, and neutron and X-ray imaging.

“We [have known] Photonis for a long time as one of our key suppliers,” said Rolf-Jürgen Ahlers, President of Proxivision. “We share with Photonis people the same team spirit and passion for both innovation and customer satisfaction. We are very pleased to integrate with Photonis group, which will help us to develop new products and consolidate our positioning in the ultra-violet imaging market.”

The transaction is expected to be finalised in the coming weeks. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed and are pending customary clearances and approvals.

Peter Felstead