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Head protection and power/data management specialist Galvion has received three new orders for its Batlskin Caiman head system through its framework contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), the company announced on 23 April 2024.

These latest orders, combined with previously announced orders from Norway, Finland and Sweden, take the total number of helmet systems ordered by NATO countries to over 125,000, with tens of thousands more in the pipeline.

Galvion was awarded a framework contract by the NSPA in December 2022 that facilitates the procurement of the company’s Batlskin Caiman head system and accessories for NATO countries and partners. To service the rapidly growing order volume Galvion announced in September 2023 that it is investing in the establishment of a European production hub in Gdansk, Poland, which is scheduled to be opened later this year. Concurrently, Galvion established a production partnership with NP Aerospace in the UK to produce helmets for the growing demand in the UK and wider NATO markets. This partnership is now producing a steady supply of Galvion’s Cobra Plus helmets for the UK Virtus body armour programme, as well as Batlskin Caiman systems for NATO.

The NSPA framework contract through which NATO countries are ordering was awarded following extensive user trials conducted by Norway, acting as the lead user nation, under the supervision of the NSPA.

Selected to meet the higher performance bracket of four specified helmet categories, Galvion’s Caiman helmet system comes in five sizes and is equipped with Galvion’s latest Apex lining system: an intuitively adjustable design that enables a customised fit for users and is designed to offer unparalleled stability for the latest visual augmentation devices. The Caiman helmet is scalable for highly dynamic operations with mission-specific accessories and is designed to incorporate electronics, communications headsets and other critical equipment.

“This contract is a good example of NSPA’s added value to both nations and industry” Céline Danielli, NSPA general and co-operative service programme manager, was quoted as saying by Galvion. “Through the use of the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange, the agency brings together technical requirements and the latest technology and equipment, enabling nations to procure what they need on a web-platform.”

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO at Galvion, added, “We’re very proud to see more countries joining Norway, Finland and Sweden in ordering our flagship Caiman head system through the NSPA, which offers NATO countries a vastly simplified procurement route for our helmet, along with a growing list of integrated accessories. We continue to work both internally and in conjunction with best-in-breed partners to develop and integrate capability enhancements, from our EDG scalable power to communications to strobes and visual displays that will ensure the Caiman platform continues to evolve to meet ever-growing mission needs, all available through the NSPA procurement route.”

An example of Galvion’s Batlskin Caiman ballistic helmet system in its NSPA configuration featuring helmet cover and accessories, including Adventure Lights strobe, Princeton Tec task light, Ventus Technologies TR-2 respirator and Wilcox G24 mount. (Photo: Galvion)