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Finnish company Forcit Defence has extended its sea mine family with the Flounder anti-invasion mine, the company announced on 21 May 2024.

Utilising the same target detection system as Forcit’s Blocker bottom mine, the Flounder mine features multiple sensors, including acoustic, magnetic, pressure, and inertial, with options for underwater electric potential (UEP) and photonic sensors, all of which can be utilised with freely programmable detection algorithms and provide high immunity against countermeasures.

The Flounder mine also uses the same algorithm development environment and support system as the Blocker mine, allowing a user to easily operate mixed minefields.

Usable as both a combat and exercise mine for deployment in shallow waters, the Flounder anti-invasion mine is 906 mm long and 830 mm wide on its associated trolley, 605 mm high and has a gross weight of 240 kg. It uses plastic bonded explosive and can operate in water temperatures between -32°C and +63°C.

The Flounder mine can be deployed from various surface vessels and other platforms and according to the company is available for procurement.

Forcit also offers the modular Sumico mine-laying system for the Blocker and Flounder sea mines, which provides a minelaying capability for any vessel that can accommodate a twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU).

Forcit has been presence in the field of explosives since 1893 and has addressed the defence market with products for more than 100 years. Forcit Defence is one of the leading suppliers of insensitive munitions for the land and naval domains.

Forcit’s new Flounder anti-invasion mine features multiple sensors, providing high immunity against countermeasures. (Image: Forcit)