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Vehicle integrator and armour manufacturer NP Aerospace announced on 10 June 2024 that it has acquired certain assets of Jankel Armouring Ltd, which entered administration on 27 February 2024.

Assets acquired by NP Aerospace include Jankel Armouring Ltd’s intellectual property, patents and inventory and the right to transfer, assign and/or novate existing contracts. The acquisition will allow NP Aerospace to integrate a globally proven and successful vehicle product and support line into its existing portfolio, which will now include Jankel’s tactical vehicles, civilian armoured vehicles, armour technologies, seating systems and through-life support services.

Having received UK National Security and Investment Act (NSIA) approval, NP Aerospace can now formally engage with key customers, including the Belgian and UK ministries of defence, regarding the delivery of former Jankel contracts.

“With an existing pedigree of successful defence vehicle production, integration and support activities, NP Aerospace is ideally positioned to deliver on customer requirements, bringing production programmes through to successful conclusion, onshore in the UK,” the company said in a press release.

NP Aerospace has been successful in securing talent from the original Jankel staff, including pivotal engineers and critical executives with the required knowledge of the acquired assets. In addition, it is expected that the acquisition will create and/or sustain around 60-70 skilled jobs. The acquisition does not include any aspect of, or formal relationship with, the US-based Jankel business, including Jankel Tactical Systems, and does not include any liability to former creditors, which sits in the hands of the joint administrators, Alvarez and Marsal.

James Kempston, NP Aerospace CEO, was quoted in a company press release as saying, “The announcement of the acquisition of Jankel Armouring Ltd’s assets marks a significant phase of growth for the company, creating additional value for customers through new business synergies.

“Our immediate priority is to push forward with existing customer contracts and deliver successful programmes to a global customer base,” he added. “Beyond that, this announcement is good news for the defence industry, enabling continuation of capability, products and supply, whilst enhancing a very strong global defence export line under the NP Aerospace brand.”

Jankel’s line of tactical vehicles, civilian armoured vehicles, armour technologies, seating systems and through-life support services will now enhance the portfolio of NP Aerospace. (Photo: NP Aerospace)