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The Brazilian Army is to receive 420 LMV-BR 2 (Light Multirole Vehicle) multi-purpose vehicles from Iveco Defense Vehicles (IDV) under a 10-year contract concluded with the Army Production Directorate, the company announced on 5 July 2024.

The vehicles will be manufactured at the IDV plant in Sete Lagoas, Brazil, with the first units expected to be delivered in 2026.

According to IDV, this new order of LMV-BR 2 vehicles, known in Brazil as ‘Guaicurus’, will be produced in two different variants, either with a manual weapon system or a remote-control weapon system. All vehicles are to be equipped with a command-and-control system.

The LMV-BR 2 is an all-wheel-drive, two-axle, protected multi-purpose vehicle in the eight-tonne class. It is powered by a 162 kW diesel engine in conjunction with an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. The vehicle is fully protected against bullets and shell splinters, while a decoupled cabin with double floor and decoupled seats increases protection for the crew against mines. A new digital architecture and improved electrical power supply enable the integration of numerous electronic devices as a prerequisite for a wide range of tasks.

The shape and dimensions of the LMV-BR 2 reduce the vehicle’s signature (thermal, acoustic, visual and radar) and provide significant transportability and strategic mobility on land and in the air, with two LMVs able to be carried in one C130-J transport aircraft.

The framework agreement follows on from a delivery order from 2019, under which Brazil received 32 LMV-BRs from Italian production in 2022. Brazil had previously acquired 16 LMVs from Italian Army stocks.

From 2026 the Brazilian Army will receive 420 LMV-BR 2 multi-purpose vehicles from Iveco Defense Vehicles. (Photo: IDV)