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U.S. Navy Gets Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band Pod

The first Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB) pod has been delivered to the U.S. Navy to begin ground and aircraft integration testing. Raytheon will deliver 15 EMD (Engineering and Manufacturing Development) pods for mission systems testing and qualification as well as 14 aeromechanical pods for airworthiness certification. NGJ-MB is a high-capacity and power airborne electronic […]

Next Step in the Tactical Boost Glide Hypersonic Weapons Programme

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Raytheon successfully completed the baseline design review for the Tactical Boost Glide hypersonic weapons programme. A boost glide weapon uses a rocket to accelerate its payload and achieve hypersonic speeds – velocities greater than Mach 5. During flight, the payload separates from the rocket and glides unpowered […]

Contract to Upgrade U.S. AGM-88B

Today the U.S. Navy has awarded a $167 million firm-fixed-price contract for 263 full-rate production Lot 8 Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missiles (AARGM) to Alliant Techsystems Operations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman. Within this contract existing AGM-88B High Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles will be conversed into 260 AGM-88E AARGM all-up-rounds and 3 Captive Air Training […]

Twinvis Demonstrates its Capabilities Over South Germany

HENSOLDT’s Twinvis passive radar system has been tested during a comprehensive measurement campaign for its air traffic control capabilities. As part of the campaign a passive radar sensor cluster was installed at four sites in South Germany, from which air traffic above this region could be monitored and tracked in real time. This showed that […]

Ground-Based Training for Fast Jet Training Aircraft

THALES Training and Simulation will develop concepts for a ground-based training and simulation system aimed at complementing the UK’s Tempest future fighter programme. AERALIS, the British firm developing the UK’s first home-grown fast jet training aircraft since the Hawk, signed a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with THALES recently. Within this partnership AERALIS and THALES […]

Raytheon Joins British Team ARTEMIS for Space Capabilities

The British Ministry of Defence has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Raytheon, so that the company joins Team ARTEMIS Industry, a collaboration between government and industry formed to fast track the launch of a small satellite constellation and enhance the UK’s sovereign space capability. UK MoD has made a commitment to launch a small […]

UK and Sweden Partner on Future Combat Air

UK and Sweden have committed to a joint approach to ensure their future combat air power. The corresponding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the British Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt and her Swedish counterpart Peter Hultqvist, that commits both governments to work on a joint combat air development and acquisition programme, including the […]

Trainers for Sixth Generation Aircraft

AERALIS announced recently it would cooperate with defence experts to ensure that it can provide the training required for sixth generation fighter jets. The US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China and Russia have already announced the development of a sixth generation aircraft programme. While these concept aircraft of the future will share many of the […]

New A400M Support Contract for Airbus

Airbus has signed the new A400M Global Support contract with OCCAR, which manages the multinational programme on behalf of the launch customer nations Germany, France, UK, Spain, Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg. This is the first support contract for all A400M participating states; it will bring the benefits of a fully integrated suite of common services […]

Germany Decides to Modernise Patriot

The decision on the future tactical air defence system (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem = TLVS) has one thing in particular: a long time frame. Accordingly, the Patriot modernization is taking place in parallel, so that Germany will continue to have the necessary missile defence capability. Yesterday, the Budget Committee of the German Parliament approved the upgrade of […]

Swiss Air Defence within the Air2030 Project

A consortium of Mercury Mission Systems International, Raytheon and Rheinmetall Air Defence announced they will join forces to modernize Swiss air defence. Within this co-operartion the three companies submit a joint bid for modernizing Raytheon’s proven Patriot air defence system in the BodLuv (Bodengestützten Luftverteidigung = ground based air defence) tender for the Air2030 Project. […]

Proposal for Germany’s Next Air and Missile Defence System

The German missile defence project is advancing. In addition to the ongoing modernization of the German Patriots, MEADS, which was originally developed jointly with the USA and Italy, is now to return to the procurement focus in order to deliver modern equipment to the German Armed Forces. The TLVS bidders consortium, an MBDA Deutschland and […]

Cooperation for FCAS

At Paris Air Show Airbus announced plans to closey cooperate with innovative technology players like start-ups, SMEs and research institutes especially in the software domain, to especially address the German French Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme. Over the course of Paris Air Show Airbus is hosting special pitching sessions for selected European startups. “Artificial […]

DIRCM System for the German A400M

J-MUSIC Directed Infrared Counter Measure (DIRCM) systems will be integrated inside the A400M Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) for the German Air Forces’ Airbus A400M aircraft. The corresponding contract has been signed by the German procurement agency BAAINBw and Airbus Defence and Space during the Paris Air Show. The German DE DIRCM system will be provided […]

FN Airborne Digital Suite in a Helicopter Mockup

FN Herstal launched their FN Airborne Digital Suite, integrated into a helicopter mockup, at the Paris Air Show. The suite in the helicopter comprises three complementary and interconnected components: FN D-HUD (Digital Head-Up Display): a modern targeting solution to improve precision in firing. It enhances accuracy and situational awareness and reduces the pilot workload. This […]

Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile

Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have signed a teaming agreement to develop, produce and integrate Northrop Grumman’s scramjet combustors to power Raytheon’s air-breathing hypersonic weapons at the Paris Air Show. Scramjet engines use high vehicle speed to forcibly compress incoming air before combustion to enable sustained flight at hypersonic speeds. Till now such a scramjet technology […]

Launch of the P600 AEW

At the Paris Air Show Embraer Defense & Security and ELTA Systems Ltd (ELTA) signed today a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to introduce the P600 AEW (Airborne Early Warning). Designed to compete in a new segment of the AEW market, this next generation aircraft is based on the advanced super midsize platform of the Embraer Praetor […]

Falco Xplorer Unveiled at the Paris Air Show

At the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget Leonardo unveiled its largest-ever drone, the Falco Xplorer. This latest addition to the Falco family of remotely-piloted air systems with a 1.3 ton maximum take-off weight has a payload capacity of over 350kg and an endurance of more than 24 hours. The company announced that the Falco […]

New Turkish Stealth Fighter TAI TF-X

At the Paris Air Show Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) unveiled their one-to-one mock-up of the new Turkish fighter aircraft. This TAI TF-X stealth fighter will be the future of the Turkish Air Force. “In order to meet Turkish Air Force requirements beyond 2030s, an indigenous design and development programme aims to replace the aging F-16 […]

Cooperation For Ultra-Lightweight Missile HUSSAR

Today, at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, Diehl Defence and Safran Electronics & Defence signed an agreement on the development of a tactical air-to-ground weapon system for flying platforms. This particularly lightweight weapon system with the designation HUSSAR is to combine the benefits of a larger loadout with the capability to even engage […]

European Debut Of Ansat

Russian Helicopters Holding Company present the multi-purpose Ansat helicopter for the first time in Europe at the 53th International Paris Air Show, that started yesterday in Le Bourget. Ansat is shown in both its medical and VIP transport variants at the static display as well as in the flight programme. The light multi-purpose helicopter Ansat, […]

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