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Brazil awaits its Centauro II mobile gun system

An ambitious plan by the Brazilian Army to modernise its armoured cavalry brigades is soon scheduled to reach a significant milestone with the arrival of the first two Centauro II 8×8 wheeled fire support armoured vehicles.  The Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro) counts 2,244 armoured vehicles in its six independent mechanised cavalry regiments, two armoured brigades, […]

The strategic significance of Azerbaijan’s acquisition of Pakistani fighter jets

The sale of Pakistani fighter jets to Azerbaijan has been the subject of recurring speculation since 2007; the story resurfaced on 21 February 2024. The information initially circulated on social media and was soon picked up by mainstream outlets. This author was able to independently confirm the credibility of the story with sources in both […]

The challenge ahead for Germany’s armed forces

While Germany has signalled a change of approach toward its armed forces, a number of challenges remain to be overcome before the Bundeswehr reaches a sufficient level of capability and readiness. “As the most populous nation with the greatest economic power and a country in the middle of the continent, our army must become the […]

The EU’s space strategy for security and defence

In 2022, the EU launched its first ever Space Strategy for Security and Defence. The document confirms that the EU has understood the military significance of space. However, the question remains whether Brussels will be able to achieve its goals. The space policy constitutes one element of the EU’s broader policy having earlier been included […]

Autonomous weapon systems: is a practical approach possible?

While widely debated among politicians and ethically savvy people, the complexities around autonomous weapon systems (AWS) can quickly turn into a headache for engineers and the warfighter. It is well-known that interpretations of the concept vary, depending on culture, social group, political system, and even power politics. Integrating certain levels of autonomy into weapons systems […]

Nuclear weapons at sea – is their use viable?

Against the background of the War in Ukraine, the spectre of nuclear conflict has re-emerged from the wilderness of a Cold War past where it has spent the last three decades. While the use of nuclear weapons has remained a prospect all should wish to avoid, it has nonetheless remained a stubborn strategic possibility. As […]

Detecting illicit drugs: Technology and products

If you declare war on something, industry will make goods to sell to the warriors. This has been the case since antiquity. The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ is no exception. A variety of techniques and technologies have come into use in the worldwide struggle against smuggling, manufacturing, and sale of dangerous drugs. The substances of […]

The war drones on

Over the past six months, the War in Ukraine has been reshaped due to both sides widely using various types of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs). In 2022, Ukraine had the upper hand in this regard, but in 2023, Russia caught up, employing a variety of reconnaissance drones and disposable loitering munitions (often referred to as […]

Armoured Fury: Analysing Large Calibre Ammunition in the Ukraine Conflict

Tanks provide a vital form of fire support in Ukraine, which means that both sides rely extensively on high explosive (HE) and guided ammunition natures. If you watch enough videos and read enough reports, you will get a sense of the vast scale of Ukraine. It is more easily appreciated by driving; even the relatively […]

Sensor fusion: The future of land ISTAR?

As sensor fusion and AI begin to enter the networked warfighting space, armed forces have been experimenting with and implementing some of the new possibilities these technologies can provide.  In 2020 a data centre at Joint Base Lewis McChord in the US began to receive data from a number of low earth orbit satellites and […]

Patrol pairing

The arrival of uncrewed systems into force structures and operations is providing navies with an opportunity to harness the capabilities these systems can add to those of crewed platforms. This new force package is combining to generate force multiplying operational effects. However, there are still challenges to be worked through, including in both conceptual and […]

Finding the edge: sonar technologies and programmes

As submarines become quieter and operations shift towards the littorals, high-end sonar systems are needed in order to better detect and identify targets in the water column, especially in a cluttered environment. This article examines the latest technologies being used to improve sonar performance and the new products on the market that meet emerging naval […]

AUVs and ROVs make key contribution to seabed warfare

Providing sustained presence on station at depth below the surface is a role that sits neatly with uncrewed underwater vehicles. For emerging operational requirements such as seabed warfare, autonomous underwater vehicles and remotely operated vehicles combine to generate surveillance and response for this task. Seabed warfare is a new element to the maritime underwater domain, […]

Blue water submarines: capabilities and requirements

Despite the ever-increasing number of navies harbouring ‘blue water’ naval ambitions, the total of those with the means to field this capability underwater is limited. The nuclear-powered submarine’s combination of speed and endurance continues to provide an unrivalled capacity to undertake long-range, oceanic deployment. However, few nations have either the technological base or financial resources […]

Platforms for naval minehunting and mine disposal: Differing solutions to a common requirement

Technological developments in the field of naval mine countermeasures (MCM) are revolutionising a traditionally dangerous, difficult and time-consuming process. Advances in areas such as networking, autonomy and wider aspects of artificial intelligence are speeding the detection, identification, classification and disposal of mines. Significantly, they also offer the prospect of ‘taking the ship out of the […]

Coastal defence

Coastal zones face a broad array of airborne and seaborne threats. Since defence against airborne threats is not unique to coastal zones, this article will focus on the seaborne category. The seaborne category includes a range of threats including: reconnaissance and direct attack missions by manned and unmanned vessels; stealth missions to conduct underwater sabotage, […]

Trouble in the spectrum

An innovative, new system employing artificial intelligence (AI) could help enhance the resilience of US Army tactical networks on the battlefield against aggressive electronic warfare. “Shoot, move, communicate” was the mantra of the US Army’s tactical doctrine in the 1980s. Seen as the three basic tasks a solider must achieve to not only survive, but […]

Growing some backbone

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is forging ahead with an important overhaul of its strategic high-frequency communications. To some, it may seem an insignificant milestone, but on 9 July 2023, the UK’s Defence High Frequency Communications Service (DHFCS) celebrated its 21st birthday. The DHFCS provides a nationwide and international high frequency (HF) strategic […]

Farewell to Falconer?

The US Air Force (USAF) is continuing to modernise its Falconer command and control (C2) architecture, but does the system have a long-term future as the Pentagon embraces new warfighting doctrines? In August 2022, the USAF awarded a USD 319 million contract to SAIC, for sustainment and modernisation of the AN/USQ-163 Falconer C2 system, which […]

Desert fighters: Gulf air forces consolidate their combat capability

Dominated by fighter types produced by Western manufacturers, the air forces of the Gulf region remain a viable market for future fighter sales. While some Gulf states – effectively Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – have made significant moves in recent years to indigenise defence production, in the aerospace sector these efforts have […]

Combat supply operations

Military commanders have always been concerned about supplying their forces on the ground. Determining stock levels, providing, distributing, and replenishing constitute the supply function. This article focuses on combat supply operations in a NATO environment from a French perspective. Supplying armies in the field has always been a concern for military leaders – supplies include […]

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