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Delivering effective, programmable airburst for Ukraine

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and loitering munitions (LMs) above the battlefields of Ukraine are just some of the airborne threats that have changed the battlespace forever. However, the airburst/proximity effects and latest ‘programmable’ capabilities of certain medium-calibre munitions are providing an effective counter. This article looks briefly at the relevance of proximity […]


Fake news and disinformation are cancers afflicting societies around the world with potentially catastrophic consequences. Both are also posing increasing risks to military operational and tactical decision-making. It was the Newsthrob website that broke the story, possibly the biggest of the war so far. The special forces soldiers were all NATO troops. The commandos stormed […]

European artillery options

Artillery is once again in the forefront of air-land warfare due to the War in Ukraine. European nations are updating their artillery, introducing L52 guns, and utilising tracked or wheeled vehicle platforms. Western European countries, the majority of which belong to NATO, have neglected their ‘classic’ artillery until recently. In 2019, the British Army fielded […]

Thermobaric weapons on the battlefield

Thermobaric weapons, sometimes also referred to as ‘enhanced blast weapons’ or ‘vacuum bombs’, and their common subset fuel-air explosives (FAE), have been used in various conventional weapons used by militaries and even improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used by non-state actors. These weapons are said to have been used in Afghanistan, the Middle East in different […]

ATGM market overview

Global market surveys forecast continued high demand for anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) over the next decade. While insurgencies and low-intensity conflicts are here to stay, the world is experiencing a return to great power conflict and interstate warfare. With the increasing prospect of combat involving armoured formations, national armed forces need to reinforce their capability […]

Rising rotorcraft: military vertical lift developments

The rotorcraft designs of 2030–35 will emerge from the US Future Vertical Lift (FVL) programmes, the NATO Next-Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC), and the European Next-Generation Rotorcraft Technologies (ENGRT). Yet many legacy rotorcraft will fly into the 2060s, putting a premium on upgrades. Unmanned rotorcraft, using autonomous flight capabilities, are potentially transformative. New sources – China, […]

The growth of tactical recce-strike

Tactical precision strike, or recce-strike as it is occasionally known, has exploded as an area of concern for forces around the globe. This article explores the design parameters and requirements that make for an effective strike system, and what it is that is driving militaries to seek them out. In July 2009, General Stanley McChrystal, […]

4×4 armoured fighting vehicles: recent developments

4×4 armoured fighting vehicles fill a niche requirement, providing combat forces with a unique combination of protection, mobility, and firepower. It is generally accepted that 4×4 armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) cannot maximise any particular characteristic of the so-called ‘Iron triangle’ of firepower, survivability, and mobility. They are generally less mobile than unarmoured vehicles and less […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Deceiving, destroying, and denying ISTAR

As battlefields trend toward increasing transparency through the proliferation of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) technologies, denial of these vital streams of information is becoming imperative to survival. In the 1980s the Soviet Union propelled Nikolai Ogarkov to the position of Chief of the General Staff. Ogarkov was a technologist who argued for […]

Let there be light!

The uptake of radio frequency over fibre optic technology for use on the battlefield could increase in the coming years as land forces seek ways to mask their radio emissions from detection and interference. Radio frequency (RF) energy exists in the radio segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, typically 3 kHz up to 300 GHz, though […]

Leopard 2 – the bridge to MGCS

The wars currently being waged have brought the importance of the main battle tank as a potent tool in the hands of the troop commander back into focus. At the same time, new threats – especially from the air – have emerged. For more than 10 years, Germany and France have been designing a successor […]

The French Army’s SCORPION programme – success in triplicate

With numerous procurement and upgrade efforts occurring across the European continent, France’s SCORPION (synergie du contact renforcée par la polyvalence et l’infovalorisation) programme remains a standout among Europe’s ground forces modernisation efforts. This article examines the key capabilities being replaced or improved under SCORPION, as well as the road taken to get there. Under the […]

A brain for battle

Artificial intelligence techniques are gradually being adopted in tactical battle management systems bringing both risks and rewards. In March 2019, Dr Zachary Davis penned a paper titled Artificial Intelligence on the Battlefield: An Initial Survey of Potential Implications for Deterrence, Stability, and Strategic Surprise. Dr Davis is a senior fellow at the Centre for Global […]

The magnificent seven

Options for military truck procurers are gradually dwindling. This article provides an overview of the shrinking European marketplace. There are some purpose-designed military trucks serving with armed forces across Europe, but the vast majority of military load-carrying fleets are made up of commercially available or commercially derived models. These are of course militarised to varying […]

Countering the hypersonic threat

Recent years have seen multiple hypersonic weapon designs seen coming out of primarily China, Russia, and the US. While several designs have already entered active service, they remain a significant challenge for most existing ground-based air defence (GBAD) systems to intercept. As such, the hypersonic threat has triggered a rush for bespoke solutions to this […]

The most misunderstood weapon in the world: Mythbusting HEAT warheads and their countermeasures

There are countless commonly-cited myths floating around regarding what high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads are and how they work, most of which are completely inaccurate. In this article, the author provides a crash course in the field of shaped charges and related protection systems, demystifying HEAT warheads as well as many commonly-cited countermeasures, and explaining […]

Russian UGV developments influenced by Ukraine War

The ongoing war in Ukraine is deeply intertwined with the use of different remote-controlled, autonomous, uncrewed and robotic platforms by both sides. The now-ubiquitous use of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), target spotting and tracking, artillery correction, bombing missions, combat and logistics is supplemented by the growing uses of uncrewed […]

Understanding vehicle armour: a guide to materials and technologies

With the growing loss rates of armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) seen on modern battlefields, particularly in Ukraine, it is worth examining the materials and technologies which go into protecting these vehicles, to better understand their limits. In 2017 a military unit from the UAE was involved in an ambush in Yemen that started with an […]

Growing Appetites: 8×8 AFVs

8×8 armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) now make up a sizable proportion of many military AFV fleets. However, pressures to integrate more protection and heavier armament are leading to greater compromises in mobility that will have an impact on their operational utility. 8×8 armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) have played a significant if underappreciated role in the conflicts in […]

Protected mobility in a post-GWOT world

With Western militaries increasingly re-orienting themselves toward peer conflict, what role will protected mobility vehicles play in this post-global war on terror (GWOT) world? Western militaries involved in the GWOT from 2001 found themselves adapting from the high-intensity warfighting stance that they were built around to low intensity, long lasting campaigns. A series of deployments […]

Changing tracks – the future of European MBTs

Outside of Russia and Ukraine, other European countries are investing significant resources into the procurement of main battle tanks (MBTs), including upgrades for legacy vehicles, production of new types, and the development of next-generation systems. Examining how these designs differ from a technical perspective indicates how the technological capabilities of MBTs may evolve in the long-term future. […]

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