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Major Polish Procurement Programmes

Over the next couple of years, the Polish Armed Forces will continue with the modernisation of its technical park. With the addition of new weapon systems and the upgrade of those currently still in service, the Armed Forces intend to significantly enhance their operational and combat capabilities, therefore boosting country’s security in an increasingly unstable […]

Light Infantry: a New Tool for the Danish Army

The latest defence agreement in Denmark includes building new capacities for the Danish Army to meet NATO requirements – most notably, the XIII Light Infantry Battalion. After years of specialisation in counter-insurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Danish Army has spent the last six years in transformation in order to meet the new geopolitical […]

UK Moves Ahead on Active Protection Systems (APS)

Leonardo UK has confirmed that in November 2020 it will complete, on schedule, the contract for the ICARUS Technology Demonstrator Programme (TDP) which in the longer term will enable the British Army to field agile automatic Active Protection Systems (APS) on its current and future armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) platforms to enhance their survivability against […]

Elbit wins Swiss Command and Control contract

Elbit Systems has won a contract to supply the Swiss Armed Forces with Command and Control (C2) systems. Specifically, the solution will form part of the Tactical Reconnaissance System (TASYS) being fielded by Swiss reconnaissance battalions and forward observers. The contract, worth around $15m, will be performed over a three-year and has the aim of […]

Keeping Focussed: The French Air Force

Alan Warnes In recent years, the French Air Force (FAF – Armée de l’Air), arguably the most operational of any air arm in Europe, has seen its resources stretched. FAF assets are based all over the world these days in combat. In November 2018, the French Air Force Chief of Staff, General Philippe Lavigne, announced […]

Q&A with the Chief of the Spanish Navy:

Esteban Vilarejo Q&A with the Chief of the Spanish Navy: Spain stands by its commitments to NATO and the EU. The Spanish Navy currently has a permanent presence in the Euro-Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea. In addition, the Spanish Navy participates in NATO operations, which also take its ships to the Baltic […]

The French Army: Procurement Trends and Future Prospects

David Saw Unnoticed by many and often uncredited, the French Army is in the midst of a major effort to enhance its operational capabilities through the acquisition of new equipment. In parallel with this it is working to upgrade the capabilities of its existing equipment, as well as investing in spare parts and maintenance to […]

New Mortars for the Danish Army

When fighting a peer or near-peer adversary, there is always an imminent threat of counter fire in response to your mortars or artillery engagement. Radars and drones in all variants have proven to be effective assets in providing target information. To defend the counter-fire threat, the Danish Army will have to change the way we […]

“PESCO Was a Major Step”

Interview with Raimo Jyväsjärvi, National Armaments Director at the Ministry of Defence of Finland. ESD: In many western countries, the changed security-political situation in Europe has induced governments to allocate additional funds for defence and armament. To what extent and in what way has this trend influenced things in your country? Jyväsjärvi: This is indeed […]

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre Of Excellence

Since its establishment in 2014, the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) in Riga has developed into a knowledge hub in the ever-changing world of strategic communications. The Centre is a multinational organisation recognised by NATO. The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) is a multinational and NATO-accredited organisation. […]

The European Air Transport Command – Tasks and Missions

Established in 2010 in Eindhoven to fill the gap European countries had in strategic transportation, the European Air Transport Command (EATC) has become a staple in European air transport, air-to-air refuelling, and medical evacuation. The idea of establishing a joint air transport command in Europe dates back to 1999, when France and Germany decided to […]

“The Conduct Of The Russian Military Is Characterised By Criminal Acts”

Interview with Admiral Ihor Voronchenko, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy. The commander of the Ukrainian Navy is planning an overhaul of the service. In view of the threat from the superior Russian Navy and repeated clashes in the Sea of Azov, the Ukrainian Navy is to become more capable. ESD: When you took office as […]

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