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Hensoldt to Deliver IFF Products to Elta

Hensoldt will deliver its latest-technology Identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) products to Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Elta awarded Hensoldt several contracts worth approximately €10M to deliver a number of MSSR 2000 ID and MSR1000I secondary radars including test equipment, Hensoldt writes in a press release. The IFF systems work according to the latest […]

Orolia Acquired by Safran

Orolia – a company specialising in Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) and related activities -has been acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense, the company writes in a press release. Orolia employs more than 400 people in Europe and North America and has revenues of around €100M. Its portfolio includes: atomic clocks time servers simulation and […]

Hensoldt IFF Sensors for Norway

The Norwegian procurement agency Forsvarsmateriell (FMA) has awarded Hensoldt a contract to supply several MSSR 2000 ID secondary radars and LTR400 DNG transponders, including cryptography and test equipment and associated services. According to Hensoldt, the contract for the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) products has a volume of approximately €15M. Known as IFF systems, the […]

1,000 Rohde & Schwarz SDRs Delivered

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) has delivered its 1000th AN/ARC-238 software-defined radio to Lockheed Martin for integration on F-16 aircraft. The AN/ARC-238 consists of two airborne radios from the SOVERON radio family, namely the R&S MR6000R/L radios. These are fully qualified on the F-16, R&S writes in a press release. AN/ARC-238 is the US Government designation […]

Senop to Supply Optical Equipment to the Finnish Armed Forces

Senop Oy has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command for deliveries of laser sights and image intensifiers, the company writes in a press release. The order is in continuation of procurement contracts awarded in 2020 and 2021. The order value is more than €24 M excluding VAT and delivery of […]

Galvion Introduces Nerv Centr® Hub Application

Galvion has announced the introduction of the Nerv Centr® hub application.  Developed to support their recently launched man-worn power and data capabilities, the hub application offers users the ability to monitor real-time power usage in order to more effectively plan for future missions, Galvion writes in a press release. On the battlefield, radios, NVGs, GPS, […]

Allen-Vanguard Launches ATAK ECM Plug-In

Allen-Vanguard has announced the launch of an Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) plug-in for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) platform. The application is to unify the command and control (C2) of all their ECM products and simplify the training, operational and maintenance burden for mission commanders, Allen-Vanguard writes in a press release. The ATAK ECM plug-in […]

HADRON 640R Dual Thermal Imaging/Optical Camera for Unmanned Systems

At AUVSI Xponential in Orlando, Florida, Teledyne FLIR has unveiled the HADRON 640R, a camera that combines a 640×512 pixel resolution radiometric boson thermal imager and a 64 MP optical camera in a Size, Weight and Power Consumption optimised design. As Teledyne writes, the design of this camera system has been optimised for integration with: […]

Assac Networks Awarded Three African Government Contracts

Assac Networks – an Israeli company specialising in cyber solutions for the complete protection of mobile devices and secure communications for government agencies, defence and commercial organisations – has announced that it has been awarded contracts for the supply and installation of its ShieldiT system in three African countries, the company writes in a press […]

EDA to Build European Terrain Database

In a field test in the presence of experts from the participating nations, EDA presented the interim status and the working principles for the European Terrain Database. According to the European Defence Agency (EDA), a large number of images are taken for the database with several cameras in different spectral ranges (visible, long-wave infrared, short-wave […]

Successful Interoperability Tests with ESSOR Radios

Software Defined Radios (SDR) have been used to demonstrate the interoperability of military tactical communications based on the High Data Waveform (HDR WF) at Radmor Laboratories in Poland. The OCCAR-led European Secure Software Defined Radio (ESSOR) project aims to break the old paradigm whereby radios from different manufacturers cannot exchange voice or data communications, according […]

Teledyn FLIR Introduces Long-Range Infrared Camera

Teledyne FLIR has announced the FLIR RS6780 long-range radiometric infrared camera system, designed for range tracking, target signature, outdoor testing, and science applications in all conditions, the company writes in a press release. Featuring continuous zoom, the camera includes an integrated motorised three-position filter wheel and optional factory calibrations to support thermography applications up to […]

Tesat-Spacecom Expands US Operations

Tesat-Spacecom, a provider of optical communications technologies for space, is expanding its manufacturing facility in the US to support its US Government and commercial customers, the company has announced. Tesat’s Optical Communication Terminals (OCT) have achieved more than 500,000 hours of operation in space, the company said. OCT are miniaturised systems for high data rate […]

GALILEO Satellites No 27. and 28 in Orbit

A SOYUS VS-6 from Arianespace launched the No. 27 and 28 satellites for the European navigation system GALILEO into space on 5 December 2021 from the European spaceport in French Guiana. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the two satellites have been parked in an intermediate orbit where, in the so-called launch and early […]

Rheinmetall Takes Stake in 4iG

As part of its digitisation strategy, Rheinmetall to take up a 25.1 per cent stake in 4iG, a Hungarian digitisation service provider and IT specialist. An agreement to this effect has now been signed by Rheinmetall and the majority shareholder, Rheinmetall writes in a press release. According to the company, the cooperation is designed to […]

NCI Agency to Sign Agreements with Cyber Security Suppliers

The NATO Communications and Information Agency is seeking to establish a framework agreement in support of the implementation of cyber security capabilities across NATO locations, the agency writes in a press release. The NATO Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is run be the agency, aims to establish an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity framework with up […]

Multi-Channel & Full Duplex Capabilities for E-LynX Radios

Elbit has announced that new radios in the company’s E-LynX family feature multi-channel and full-duplex capabilities and that Sweden, Israel and a NATO country have placed delivery orders for more than 10,000 of these software-defined radios. The capacity of radio networks is always limited. In order to be able to transport the necessary amounts of […]

Palm-Sized BNET NANO to Debut

Israeli manufacturer Rafael has announced the addition of the ultra-small BNET Nano handheld radio to the BNET family. The new palm-sized radio has the technological features of the wider family, including scalability, multi-channel reception and spectrum superiority, Rafael writes. The BNET family features include multi-channel reception technology, high network capacity in terms of data rates […]

Calian Acquires SimFront

Calian Group Ltd. has announced the acquisition of Canadian-based SimFront, effective immediately, in an agreement valued at up to CDN$15M. Calian and SimFront have a 15-year collaborative relationship with the Canadian Department of National Defence. During this period, the SimFront Virtual Command and Control Interface (VCCI) tool suite has served in support of simulation-to-Command, Control, […]

NCI Agency to Procure Education & Training Services

According to a press release, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) plans to release a formal Invitation for Bids (IFB) to procure commercially available education and training services for NATO. The NCI Agency may award multiple contracts, based on nine training lots specifically set up in the IFB, which will be released in […]

Rohde & Schwarz Radios for Canada

The Canadian Department of National Defence has contracted German technology company Rhode & Schwarz to supply HF radios over the next five years. According to the company, existing radios at strategic locations of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force will be replaced with modern radios from the SOVERON […]

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