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LYNCEA DEFEND to Protect Surface ShipsN

NEXEYA France has created an integrated 360° multi-domain self-defence Command and Control (C2) system that includes a range of on-board sensors to detect and protect against threats from above and under water in addition to those on land. The LYNCEA DEFEND C2 system has been developed with the goal of supporting the vessel’s crew with […]

Viasat & AeroVironment to Enhance US Army UAS Communications

Viasat Inc. and AeroVironment, Inc. have announced they will collaborate on a contract awarded under the US Army Reconfigurable Communications for Small Unmanned Systems (RCSUS) initiative. This will provide US military customers flying small UAS platforms with the ability to deploy a robust, on-demand, highly-secure communications network that will address the growing electronic warfare capabilities of peer […]

ST Engineering Antycip Equips TIGER Attack Helicopter Simulators

ST Engineering Antycip (formerly Antycip Simulation) has recently been commissioned to upgrade the projection system for two TIGER attack helicopter simulators located at a Military technical centre in Europe. The project, which has been two years in the making, concluded with a few final tweaks of the system in June of this year. STE Antycip’s team designed […]

Device-ALab IrLugX1M3TM Camera Core Launched

Device-ALab, a Europe-based specialist in high-quality infrared cores, are pleased to introduce IrlugX1M3TM, a SXGA uncooled LWIR camera core. This camera is part of the 12μm IrLugXTM family, which uses shutterless technology. Device-ALab is one of the first companies in the world to embed the new Lynred SXGA 12μm sensor ATTO1280 in one of its camera […]

GA-ASI Looks for ROK Opportunities

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), the world leader in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), wants to build on its industrial collaboration efforts in the Republic of Korea (ROK). GA-ASI has been active in exploring supply chain and research opportunities in the ROK since 2017, with collaborative Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with Huneed Technologies Co. […]

U.S Allied Nation to get AeroVironment PUMA

AeroVironment has secured a US$8.3m firm-fixed-price U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales contract for Puma™ 3 AE tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), training and support to an allied nation, with delivery anticipated by March 2021. “The United States Department of Defense and the defense forces of 50 allied nations around the world rely on AeroVironment’s […]

Hensoldt Xpeller for Brazil

Brazil has ordered two Xpeller systems from Hensoldt to counter the increasing threat posed by drones to the civilian population and armed forces. The order, which is part of a framework contract, is worth more than €1m. Following a drone defence symposium, Hensoldt demonstrated the capabilities of the modular Xpeller system in live demonstrations with […]

SPIKE Team Trainer for Latvia

The Latvian National Armed Forces have completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art Team Trainer for SPIKE Missiles. The new system will train Latvian forces to use Rafael Advanced Defense System’s SPIKE LR2 and SR missiles, procured from EuroSpike (a joint venture between Rafael, Diehl Defence, and Rheinmetall Electronics). The SPIKE Team Trainer (STT) was installed at the […]

Bittium Tactical Power Pack Launched

Bittium has launched the Bittium Tactical Power Pack™ for portable tactical communication devices. Applications include the Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™ radio and Bittium Tough Comnode™ device, but it can also be easily used with normal tablets and smartphones through USB connection. The Tactical Power Pack enables uninterrupted field use for the devices. The Bittium Tactical […]

Indra Tests AI Systems for Spanish Navy Vessel Maintenance

Indra and the Spanish Navy have successfully tested Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems for vessel maintenance to predict malfunctions and improve the maintenance and availability of the service’s fleet. This type of intelligence differs from the supervised variety in that, instead of learning the procedure that should be followed to solve a given problem, the machine […]

THeMIS for the Estonia & Netherlands

The Estonian Defence Investment Centre will procure seven Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), four of which will be delivered to the Netherlands and three to Estonia. The latter’s order will be fulfilled in October 2020 though the Netherlands will not receive its UGVs for several months. THeMIS is a modular UGV […]

SightX to Advance AI Expertise

Rafael and Anyvision have established SightX, a new company for the development of advanced detection and tracking technologies. This will involve integrating artificial intelligence capabilities that will be adapted to military uses, including existing Rafael systems. SightX will be based on the infrastructure of the military department of Anyvision, one of the world’s leading companies […]

ARTEMIS to Detect, Identify and Localise Drones

Experts at the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency have built an experimental prototype system to detect, identify and localise small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUASs) using low-cost commercial devices and machine learning. The ‘Advanced Recognition Tool using Electromagnetic (EM) waves for Identifying unmanned aerial Systems’ (ARTEMIS) uses advanced techniques to detect and classify Radio Frequency (RF) […]

New Rohde & Schwarz ELINT Processor

Rohde & Schwarz has launched a high-performance Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) receiver that incorporates cutting-edge radar detection technology in the form of the R&S WPU2000 wide-band processing unit. Following the success of the R&S WPU500, the newly introduced device increases its real-time bandwidth to 2 GHz, a new processing unit that will be the new core of radar signal collection and […]

Northrup Grumman Developing TITAN Ground Station Prototypes

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been selected by the Defense Innovation Unit and the U.S. Army Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) office to develop two prototype ground stations for the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) system. This will be a scalable and expeditionary intelligence ground station that will leverage space, high altitude, aerial and […]

STM Expands its Exports to NATO with THINKTECH

STM ThinkTech, Turkey’s first technology-based think tank, is scheduled to export its products to NATO for the third time this coming December. The contract for this third project covers the new version of the NATO Resilience Decision Support Model developed by the company to assist NATO’s decision-making processes when faced with strategic shocks, such as […]

NSL Merges With GMV’s UK Arm

GMV Innovating Solutions Limited, the UK aerospace company belonging to Spanish technology multinational GMV, has signed a merger agreement with Nottingham Scientific Limited (NSL). GMV trades in the aerospace, defence, ICT and intelligent-transportation-systems markets while NSL is UK leader in satellite navigation and critical applications. Following the agreement, GMV will become sole shareholder of NSL […]

Framework Contract for Encrypted Communication

Gerhard Heiming  The EU has created the conditions for the procurement and installation of an approved mobile system for encrypted communications for members of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European External Action Service. Under the new framework agreement, Swedish company Sectra AB will supply the Sectra Tiger system, approved […]

Technion and IAI Co-develop Satellite Technology

Jack Richardson A close technological and research collaboration between Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has yielded an advanced electronic receiver that constitutes a unique development in the nano-satellite category. The collaboration was part of Technion’s ” ADELIS-SAMSON” project, in which three nano-satellites will be launched into space in December. […]

C4 EDGE Commences

Jack Richardson Barrett Communications is one of sixteen Australian companies who have joined Team C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment). This is to scope the development of a sovereign land battlegroup and below communications environment for the Australian Army. The programme will leverage internationally agreed open standards to grow and demonstrate Australian Command, Control, Communications and […]

GeoSpectrum Unveils C-BASS Family

Arie Egozi GeoSpectrum Technologies, an Elbit subsidiary, has unveiled the C-BASS family of compact Very Low Frequency (VLF) long-range acoustic underwater transducers. According to the company, the system generates high power at very low frequencies from a small source which the firm claims is a technological challenge, with current high power underwater VLF sources available on […]

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