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Creation of a Glass Battlefield to Support Dynamic Operations

The contract to conduct the “Creation of a glass battlefield to support dynamic operations” (ErzUntGlas) study for the German armed forces has been awarded to Atos. This is a small surprise, since the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE performed several forerunning studies and research. Now, that Atos has been chosen as […]

New Generation of Video Walls

Even though some say the domes are dead and augmented reality will take over their role, there are still enough specialists pointing out that you still need the haptic and reality of original systems in a dome. So at I/ITSEC there are still enough companies presenting solutions that might be used in domes and the […]

Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Evaluation System

South African 5DT presented several rather impressive new training solutions at I/ITSEC. One is an AI enhanced driver evaluation system that has already evolved into an AI based security system with behavior pattern recognition. 5DT DriveVUE is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced system that uses a variety of sensors and machine learning algorithms to evaluate […]

Helmet-Mounted Information System

Nexter took the opportunity of I/ITSEC to introduce their new FINDADFI dismounted combat helmet add-on. FINDADFI is a soldier’s helmet-mounted information system that displays – with a small screen right in the soldiers field of view – the necessary navigation and positioning information for the mission. It even interfaces night/day hand-held binocular and navigation devices. […]

Managing Large Calibre Weapon System Fleets

WeaponLogic unveiled its new WeaponLogic Eco Systems for the management of large calibre weapon system fleets for the first time at MILIPOL. Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system delivers comprehensive usage data regarding the weapon’s operational status, ensuring optimised performance and a tactical edge. The system expands the company’s line of systems for the management […]

New IP Encryption Technology at MILIPOL

At MILIPOL Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity launched the first Layer 3 group encryption with VS-NfD approval: R&S SITLine IP. The device is optimized for “Any-to-Any” communication in fully meshed networks without any point-to-point tunnels or overlay structures. This results in significantly less crypto-overhead with unchanged network relationships and less configuration effort. Other features are automatic […]

Driving Robot for Autonomous Vehicles

StreetDrone’s Open Autonomy Platform will now be available in Israel, distributed by Plasan. StreetDrone offers a large range of autonomous-ready vehicles and open source software systems providing a fast track to autonomy. This open-access drive-by-wire system has already been integrated into the Twizy, ZOE and e-NV 200 vehicles, just to name some examples. Unlike most […]

Secure Mobile Communication Completely Made in Finland

Completely made in Finland is the secure communication solution Bittium presents at NIAS, NATO’s big yearly cyber security conference. “We design and produce the phones in Finland,” a spokesperson from Bittium told European Security & Defence at the show. This is quite outstanding because these phones look like any other mobile – iPhone, Samsung… – […]

AI in Cyber Protection

BLUVECTOR informs about their cyber protection artifical intelligence (AI) at NIAS in Mons. Acutally eight different types of AI are most commonly used by military and cyber security forces. The AI BLUVECTOR has built up and trained looks at malicious content. So it is more like a metal detector, searching for special patterns instead of […]

NIAS Starting in Mons

Today the NATO Information Assurance Symposium (NIAS) has started in Mons, Belgium. This event is hosted by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency. NIAS is NATO’s largest cyber security conference, and its scope has been widened this year to include cloud and data as additional focus areas. Every year NIAS highlights main topics that […]

Deployable Area Control System

At DSEI EXPAL Systems presented their Deployable Area Control System (D-ACS), an intelligent system of surveillance, control and protection of areas and roadways that has been specially designed to be quickly deployed and collected by a platoon in the field using battery power. D-ACS is therefore optimal for temporary protection of bases or passageways, although […]

Vehicle Connector Launch

On its stand at DSEI, TT Electronics launched its new vehicle connectors for use in harsh environments. Its new Pola Power is aimed at power distribution applications and offers high performance single pole connector with a bayonet coupling. Its new SteadShield connector can be sealed to IP67 with the OcTrain 10Gb Ethernet contact for a […]

QinetiQ Project Lead Announced

QinetiQ was announced as project lead of a new £3.2 million research programme to explore latest vehicle technologies to boost the performance of UK Future Ground Combat Vehicles. The announcement was made by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) Chief Executive, Gary Aitkenhead.  The project will focus on new solutions for ground vehicle […]

Tender for the British Morpheus Programme

November 1, 2019, is the tender deadline for those companies that wish to candidate for Systems Integrator (SI) of the British Morpheus programme. Under Morpheus, the UK is investing £3.2 billion in military communication to establish a single information environment through a fully integrated operational information system which is seamless from the barracks, headquarters to […]

Next Step of the Network for the Sky

Airbus was able to successfully demonstrate their connected airborne battlespace scenario – the Network for the Sky (NFTS) programme – during a first test flight. During this flight the aircraft became a secure high-speed communications node, delivering the necessary communication capabilities for modern military operations. NFTS integrates satellite and ground communications, air-to-ground, ground-to-air and air-to-air […]

Submission of Offers for Swiss Digitization Project

Switzerland is digitizing its armed forces with a quite broad approach. Under the project “Telecommunication Armed Forces” (TK A) dated mobile data exchange and voice communication assets, software and methods will be replaced. With TK A Switzerland will replace independently procured and isolated systems with a technically standardised integrated solution. The project is expected to […]

New Software Defined Radios for the German Army

Recent procurements for the VJTF 2023 are making a start on the end-to-end digital command radio link over the first mile. One of these milestone to digitize the German Army is the procurement of software defined radios from Rohde & Schwarz. These SOVERON software defined radios (SDR) will provide the seamless command radio link for […]

Cyber Range Training in Spain

The staff of the Joint Cyber-Defence Command in Spain has completed the programmed training with the Indra Cyber Range solution. Last year the Spanish Joint Cyber-Defense Command chose Indra’s solution to prepare collaborative cyber-exercises together with armies from various Ibero-American countries This training is meant to reinforce the ability of the soldiers to conduct and […]

Secure Mobile Emergency Communication App

Raytheon launched NexGenTrac, its first ever secure mobile application to connect with employees using iOS and Android smartphones during an emergency. With this app companies and organisations can not only stay in contact with their employees, but also give them necessary advice how to react, where to go, where the nearest shelter or aid station […]

Military Satellite Communications in the High North

The U.S. Air Force awarded a $82 million contract to facilitate military satellite communications in the Earth’s north polar region through its Enhanced Polar System Recapitalization (EPS-R) Control and Planning Segment (CAPS) Program to Northrop Grumman. The company is the provider for all three major components of the EPS-R CAPS programme and already successfully developed, […]

End-to-End 5G Synchronisation

Together with Nokia, ADVA has demonstrated how Tier 1 communication service providers (CSPs) can achieve end-to-end network timing with the accuracy and resilience needed for 5G services. The timing technology can accelerate the deployment of 5G, IoT and mobile edge computing.The showcase featured ADVA’s Oscilloquartz Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clocks. It highlighted how precise […]

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