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Patria’s Business and Role

ESD spoke with Jonas Geust, President of SYSTEMS at Patria, about the companies future plans and projects. The questions were asked by Stephen Elliott.   ESD: Please would tell our readers a little more about Patria’s business and role as a systems integrator – and the start and continued growth of this corporate sector? Geust: […]

Marketing Report: FLIR Detection – Building A Chemical Threat Response Toolkit

From accidental leaks and improper handling of hazardous materials, to an intentional chemical attack, exposure to unknown or toxic chemicals can happen anywhere. Due to the rising threat of terrorism and the myriad ways people can be exposed to toxic materials in the environment, the ability to detect and identify chemical threats is more crucial […]

“Europe Is At A Difficult Crossroads”

Interview with General José Conde de Arjona, Spokesperson of FEINDEF and Chief of Institutional Support of the Spanish Ministry of Defence. ESD: FEINDEF is taking place for the first time this year. What were the main reasons behind organising this exhibition? Can you explain the concept? General Conde: Europe is at a difficult crossroads and […]

“Our Team Has Developed A Service Portfolio That Complements Classification Services For Naval Ships.”

Interview with Christian Freiherr von Oldershausen,Vice President Naval Business DNV GL Maritime. ESD: Your company has the objective to make global seafaring safer and to improve the ships’ performance, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Civilian operators are certainly interested in best possible economic performance, thus taking advantage of DNV GL’s capabilities. However, what particularities are […]

“It Is Very Important For Us To Keep Our OEM Cluster Alive”

Interview with Richard Keulen, Director Naval Sales Support, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS). ESD: Now that the Dutch Government has identified a number of projects to modernise the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) fleet, your company has moved into the spotlight. DSNS is also a strong European player. Could you give us some insight into DSNS’ […]

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