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Norway’s Role in NATO’s Defence

A new RAND study concludes that Norway will take on a greater role in defending NATO’s northern flank. This conclusion results in Norway’s strong engagement with the Alliance and an “impressive mix of high-end capabilities for a nation of its size,” statements that were made by key NATO Allies who were asked for their perspective […]

Russia’s Support for Coping with COVID 19

Hours ago, the 14th Russian Air Force transport aircraft IL-76 landed at the military base south of Rome to bring urgently needed aid to Italy. The first aircraft bearing the slogans “From Russia with Love” landed on Sunday March 22, shortly after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made a desperate telephone call to Vladimir Putin. […]

Macedonia 30th Member of NATO

With Spain’s ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol today, Macedonia has taken the major (final) step of becoming a member of NATO. “The Spanish Senate unanimously ratified the Protocol,” Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said during a joint press conference with Spanish Ambassador Emilio Lorenzo Serra, according to the English version of Republica. “On behalf […]

British Equipment Plan Underfunded

According to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) the British Ministry of Defence’s ten-year equipment plan is underfunded by €3.3 billion. The ministry plans to spend €210.3 billion on equipment and support over the period 2019 to 2029. This compares with a budget of €207 billion. If all identified risks materialize, the deficit […]

Rapid Border Intervention in Greece

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex will launch a rapid border intervention to assist Greece in dealing with the large numbers of migrants at its external borders. The Greek government officially asked Frontex to launch a rapid border intervention at its sea borders in the Aegean yesterday. Frontex has already increased surveillance capacity […]

Defense Cooperation Between Ukraine and Turkey

Representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the Turkish Commission on Defense-Industrial Cooperation signed an intergovernmental protocol on further steps to implement joint projects in the field of armaments and defense technology. Both countries also set priorities for 2020. “7th meeting of the Joint Ukrainian – Turkish Commission on Defense-Industrial Cooperation took place in […]

“No Austrian Army Without Conscription!“

On January 7 the new Conservative-Green government coalition in Austria swore in Klaudia Tanner as Austria’s first woman Defence Minister. She previously headed the Lower Austrian Farmers’ Union when she was asked by the young Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (OEVP) to take over the long neglected and chronically underfunded Ministry of Defence. The former interim defence […]

EDA’s Annual Defence Data Report

Yesterday the European Defence Agency (EDA) published its annual Defence Data 2018 report. The report details spending by the 27 EDA member states. According to this data total defence expenditure stands at €223 billion (€225 billion in 2007), representing a 3% increase on 2017. This level of spending represents 1.4% of GDP and 3.1% of […]

Russian Weapons in Middle East Conflicts

Recent Russian weapons’ involvement in Middle East military conflicts boosts Russia’s national defence exports. Traditional customers are teamed with new buyers, including regional giants Turkey and Saudi Arabia – who are being impressed by Russia’s weaponry performance in the most hushed environment at relatively low cost. This brief analysis is based on open source information, […]

Cooperative Support for Night Vision and Optoelectronics Equipment

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) with its head office in Capellen, Luxembourg, brings together in a single organisation NATO’s logistics and procurement including armaments acquisition support activities, providing integrated multinational support solutions for NATO, NATO and EU member nations as well as partner nations as its customers. A dedicated area of NSPA’s life […]

NATO: Spikes on the EEG

Two remarkable points from the NATO Secretary General’s press conference preceding the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on November 20, 2019: NATO is preparing for wars in space. And is facing up to China. Already in 2018 the Allies had identified space as an “essential element for deterrence and defence.” Now it is to be recognized […]

Poland Sets Out New Modernisation Priorities

Over the period 2021-2035, the Polish Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to spend around PLN524 billion (€123 billion) on various procurement and modernisation programmes aimed at strengthening the operational capability of the country’s armed forces and enhancing security. Under the updated Technical Modernisation Plan (TMP) Poland will invest in practically all types of conventional weapon […]

“British Defence is Much More Than Big Platforms”

As part of the opening address of the land theatre presentations at the DSEI exhibition in London the British Minister for Defence Procurement, Ann-Marie Trevelyan, announced several procurement efforts and forthcoming development programmes. Maritime procurements range from the delivery of the second of eight CITY class and Type 31 frigates to the new submarines. The […]

Viewpoint from Moscow: The Turkish Trap

The sensational Russian-Turkish deal on S-400 air defence systems has been well on track despite unprecedented U.S. opposition. Will it be a turning point for the contract parties, USA, NATO and Middle East? Let’s have a look at what is going on and what could be the consequences. The S-400 long range air defence system […]

Warsaw Process Working Groups

The Warsaw Summit in February this year was a starting point for a process that tries to find a way countering the ongoing Middle East conflicts. Today, with the United States and Poland announcing details of the Warsaw Process Working Groups, the political will expressed during the summit enters a practical solution finding momentum. “These […]

Arms Cooperation Between Belgium and France

Under the Capacité Motorisée (CaMo) strategic agreement, Belgium and France have agreed on comprehensive armaments cooperation in the field of land mobility. Parts of the French Scorpion programme will be used to equip the Belgian armed forces. The agreement entered into force on June 21, 2019. The first procurement contract for 382 Griffon multi-purpose armoured […]

Consultations in the NATO-Russia Council: Preparing for a World Without INF

On July 5, 2019, NATO-Russia Council met at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss three major topics: the situation in Ukraine, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), and transparency and risk mitigation. This year’s second meeting (the 10th ever) was marked by the deadline of August 2 for the U.S. to withdraw from the […]

Upcoming Special European Council

The issues of the European spitzen personnel have moved below due to other worldwide political events, at least in the perception of many media. But only apparently. Before his departure for Japan, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, continued his weeks-long and parallel consultations on the EU’s top appointments after last week’s “regular” […]

China Steals $600 Billion Each Year

Looking at China’s huge technological leaps within the last few years, especially in the cyber domain, there arises the question, how a country with low university standard (at that time) and only state owned industry was able to achieve the now seen technological advantages compared with western countries and especially Europe. European Security & Defence […]

Military Mobility Programme

In the margins of the EDA Steering Committee meeting on May 14, 2019, 23 (out of 28) Member States and the EDA signed a new programme that will facilitate the granting of cross-border permits for ground and air movements. The programme will be developed as part of the EDA‘s work on military mobility. The aim […]

Cyber Affects NATO’s Article 5

During the Cyber Defence Pledge Conference in London NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on the effect of cyber and especially cyber attacks on military, goverments and people: “NATO leaders have agreed that a cyber attack could trigger Article 5 of our founding treaty, where an attack against one Ally is treated as an attack […]

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