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Connecting the Force

The US Army’s Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (HMS) programme is the most ambitious tactical communications modernisation programme the United States armed forces have ever seen. The US Army is supervising an acquisition that delivers new radios to itself, the US Navy, US Marine Corps (USMC) and US Air Force (USAF). The initiative falls under […]

Advancing Battle Management Systems

Unlike the armoured vehicles of the past that featured weapon-centric crew-operated platforms focused on mobility, protection, and firepower, modern combat vehicles have become data-centric systems of systems, loaded with sophisticated electronics comprising of sensors, vehicle, and weapon control systems, integrated into a cohesive combat system designed to survive, thrive in and dominate the battlespace by […]

The World of Saint Javelin

In the course of 2022, an unofficial new female saint joined the Ukrainian pantheon. Her halo was not the traditional gold colour used in Orthodox iconography, but used the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Her hands were not raised in gesture of blessing, but cradled the recognisable form of a Raytheon/Lockheed Martin FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank […]

US Army Modernisation: a Mid-Term Report

The US Army Futures Command (AFC) celebrates its fifth anniversary in August 2023. The Pentagon created this dedicated command in the hope of avoiding the kinds of mistakes that had plagued numerous development and procurement programmes in recent decades and delayed much-needed replacement of legacy systems. Many observers see 2023 as a pivotal year for […]

Connection Protection

The networked battlefield emphasises the importance of cyber protection. What steps can militaries take to enhance their cyber protection at the tactical level and what steps is NATO taking to this end? The Lightning Press, a defence and security publisher based in Florida produces a fine line of manuals explaining an array of military concepts. […]

The Art of Logistics

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has served as a wake-up call for much of the world, not least Western Europe and a realisation that a new, major war in Europe was less improbable than had previously been imagined. This realisation has led to much soul-searching with regards to defence funding and military preparedness, and a large […]

The Hazards of Aeromedical Evacuation

When the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the globe, the military in many countries supported the civilian authorities in many roles, from assisting medical professionals, to enforcing the lockdown, and in general law and order support roles. In providing support to doctors, nurses, and paramedics, the military also transported patients both on the ground and in the […]

Ajax Has “Turned a Corner”, Claims UK Defence Secretary

The British Army’s troubled Ajax AFV programme, which has been plagued by excessive noise and vibration issues, is back on track, according to UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. Following a visit on 22 February 2023 to Bovington Camp in Dorset, where he met Ukrainian troops training on Challenger 2 main battle tanks but was also […]

UKP-ŽV: A New Wheeled Armoured Vehicle for the Czech Army

This year, the Czech Ministry of Defence plans to launch an acquisition programme to purchase a new wheeled platform for the Army’s engineer troops. Within the project known as UKP-ŽV (Univerzální kolová platforma ženijního vojska; ENG: Universal Wheeled Platform for Engineer Troops) the Army of the Czech Republic (Armáda České Republiky; AČR) intend to acquire […]

Integration of New Technologies and Power Management at the Soldier Level

The ongoing war in Ukraine has provided a glimpse into military operations in the modern age of strategic competition, illustrating a shift away from two decades focused on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency towards more conventional peer conflict. The war has also highlighted the importance of technology on the modern battlefield with dismounted infantry and special forces […]

Special Forces in Collective Defence Scenarios vs. Counter Terror Operations

The sudden withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan in 2021 and Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine in February this year have thrown the international special operations forces (SOF) community into a state of flux as they prioritise future responsibilities. After two decades of counter-terrorism (CT) and counter-insurgency (COIN) campaigns focused primarily on south-central Asia and the […]

European Military Pistol Programmes – Navigating the Choices

In principle designing a modern military pistol ought not to be that challenging, after all, you are not inhabiting an area that might be described as the high end of high technology! All of the basic principles of effective pistol design are well understood, advances in materials technology offer all sorts of interesting possibilities in […]

Combat Shotguns for Military and Police Applications

While automatic rifles and machine guns form the backbone of modern infantry firepower, shotguns retain a niche role for combat operations. They also provide civilian police forces with a vital boost to their firepower without the need for escalation to automatic weapons, with the exception of special units and missions. Like any weapon, shotguns possess […]

Energy Security in Europe – A Problem Rediscovered

There used to be very little attention paid to energy security in Europe, and it was hardly thought of as a critical problem. Instead, the conversation was dominated by themes such as climate change, or the climate crisis. To this you could add decarbonisation, net-zero, renewables, green new deal, energy transition or ‘Energiewende’ as it […]

Lessons Learned From Ukraine Conflict – UAV Operations, Options and Trends

It is almost a year since Russia began what it called its ‘Special Military Operation,’ in reality its invasion of Ukraine. What was supposed to be a campaign that was to last a matter of days, that was supposed to see the decapitation of the political and military leadership in Kyiv, leading to the rapid […]

The Indian Air Force’s Falling Squadron Strength

As the Indian Air Force (IAF) enters its 91st year, an apparent ‘code-red’ seems to have been sounded by its top leadership over the declining fighter squadron strength, raising the questions around how many combat jets India has available and how many it needs to fight a war. Su-30MKI To deal with this historic drop […]

C-295 becomes India’s First Production Unit from a Private Defence Manufacturer

Giving indigenisation a push towards its ‘Self-Reliant India’ initiative, the foundation stone of the first project by an Indian private defence manufacturer, was recently laid in Vadodara, Gujarat. Under this deal Tata Advanced Systems Limited and Airbus Defence and Space Spain, will collaborate to build 40 C-295 military transport planes, in a joint venture deal […]

Watching from Above – NATO Airborne Sensing

Effective and highly sophisticated, NATO has airborne platforms to keep watch on air and surface activities and ensure the Alliance’s and friendly tri-service forces are fed with the best possible, real-time information to gain and maintain advantage in any complex battlespace. NATO has several technological heavyweights in its arsenal of airborne sensing capabilities, which, together, […]

Instant Bombers: Rapid Dragon Lends Teeth to Transport Aircraft

The US Air Force (USAF) is developing the capability to launch cruise missiles and other air-to-ground weapons from cargo aircraft. Experiments deploying palletized munitions are currently being conducted as part of the ‘Rapid Dragon’ programme. The new operational concept is also being recommended to allies as a rapid force multiplier. The term ‘Rapid Dragon’ is […]

Keeping the Beam Alive

Almost 30 years ago, something happened that would change radar forever. The first military Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar entered service. Where is this technology heading in the future? The system in question was Mitsubishi Electric’s J/FPS-3 S-band (2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz/2.7GHz to 3.7 GHz) ground-based air surveillance radar. It was deployed with […]

Interview with Martin Krona, President EMEA at Markforged

In February 2023, ESD interviewed Markforged, a company known for their additive manufacturing platforms, commonly known as 3D Printers. Although not primarily targeted at the defence sector, the company has been making inroads as armed forces increasingly begin to experiment with the applications of 3D printers. These typically include rapidly delivering often highly-specific components, one-off […]

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