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New Mortars for the Danish Army

When fighting a peer or near-peer adversary, there is always an imminent threat of counter fire in response to your mortars or artillery engagement. Radars and drones in all variants have proven to be effective assets in providing target information. To defend the counter-fire threat, the Danish Army will have to change the way we […]

Water Purification

The logistical need for water in modern conflicts is enormous. Various military operations in dry climate zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan require extensive water supplies. Napoleon famously, if apocryphally, wrote that an army travels on its stomach. However, an army might even fight for a day or three without any food. But an army […]

Will 3-D Printing Revolutionise The Industry?

Although we are not yet living in the futuristic world many 20th-century science-fiction writers predicted, many recent technological advances were inspired by the stuff of fantasies. Inventions such as GPS, Bluetooth headsets, tablet computers, automatic doors, big screen displays, real-time universal translators and teleconferencing among others all owe their genesis to Star Trek. Among the […]

Arctic Tests Of The BRONCO 3 Completed

Currently, ST Engineering Land Systems is finalising the development of the BRONCO 3 vehicle. For the end of a test campaign lasting several weeks, ST Engineering invited interested parties from Europe, America and Asia, as well as international specialised journalists, to Ivalo/Finland – 300 km north of the Arctic Circle – to present and demonstrate […]

Digitisation Of Land Forces: The Military Embraces 4IR

The integration of communications and information is driving a worldwide transition that is being termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Armed forces and security organisations around the globe are embracing this transformation, by fielding digital communications networks and interconnected systems of systems, empowered by information services. The capabilities they deliver empower military forces, enabling smaller forces […]

Active And Reactive Vehicle Protection Systems

As anti-armour weapons have become more powerful, armies have reacted by increasing the thickness and resilience of vehicle armour. Modern ammunition, however, destroys even the strongest armour, forcing armies to develop reactive and active protection systems. The advent of potent shaped-charge warheads and kinetic-energy penetrators (KEPs) capable of defeating very thick armour forced armed forces […]

Arming The Attack Helicopter

Developed and fielded as a result of early US combat experience in Vietnam, the attack helicopter has become a vital tool on the modern battlefield, hunting down and engaging enemy vehicles or even personnel. Its armament can be a mixture of custom-designed weapons, or existing weapons that have been adapted for the airborne role. These […]

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