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The Battle for Low Earth Orbit and the Stratosphere

Amid an uncertain security environment, competition in Low Earth Orbit and the stratosphere is heating up. SpaceX launched their 42nd Starlink delivery mission of the year on 25 September 2023, at 4:48 a.m. EDT, when a Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The rocket placed 21 V2 Mini Starlink […]

Dynamic Messenger 2023: Extending the Envelope of Unmanned Capabilities at Sea

In a round of related exercises off the coast of Portugal, NATO has been exploring the future potential of maritime unmanned assets. Hosted by the Portuguese Navy out of its Maritime Experimentation Operations Centre on the Tróia peninsula and its naval facilities in Sesimbra, NATO has recently conducted two overlapping exercises focused on integrating maritime […]

Detecting Missile Threats from Space

As the threat from manoeuvrable hypersonic missiles adds to the already vast array of ballistic and other missile threats, increasingly extensive and sophisticated space-based satellite constellations providing missile warning and tracking functionality are being deployed to bolster US missile defences for the protection of the US and its Allies. This article examines the threats demanding […]

Developments in Lithium-ion Batteries and AIP Systems for Submarines

The latest developments in Lithium-ion battery (LIB) systems in the underwater domain have resulted in significant advantages for submarine operations compared to standard lead-acid batteries and have increased the number of new submarine procurement programmes. The aim is to provide modern submarines with maximum tactical mobility, while at the same time reducing the indiscretion rate […]

Covert Demonstration: USVs Change the Stealth Game at Sea

Ukraine’s USV campaign in the Black Sea has demonstrated how uncrewed systems can have critical impact on naval warfare. Western navies and industry alike are taking this lesson onboard in uncrewed system operation and design. The use of stealth at sea by Ukraine, a country with lesser absolute and relative naval capability has enabled that […]

Displays: Digital Visualisation of the Battlefield

Displays are critical to modern military electronic systems, visualising sensor data, communications, and system status. As the most critical link between the human and machine, displays must be carefully integrated into the overall system architecture to enable reliable and effective presentation of information to operators. A key consideration is the need to balance the interface […]

The Winding Path to Military Autonomous Vehicles

As militaries around the world test and deploy new autonomous vehicles, commercial enterprises are developing innovative solutions which could change the battlefield in both big and small ways. In late 2022, BAE Systems Australia supplied two fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) for a ‘battlefield simulation’ demonstration for the Australian Army. This is just one more milestone […]

Reassessment of Soviet-era Weapons in the Ukraine War

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is already leading to changes in NATO’s defence concept and a reassessment of the principles of modern warfare. Ukraine’s unique experience of confronting a much larger enemy force in terms of manpower and hardware is being taken into account in this reassessment. NATO’s military strategy is changing and moving towards […]

Combat Search and Rescue: Sustainment and Modernisation Efforts

Armed forces must reexamine their combat search and rescue (CSAR) capabilities in light of operational realities associated with the return to great power competition and peer-warfare. The acronym CSAR can stand for Combat Search and Rescue or Combat Search and Recovery. While CSAR is dedicated to finding and retrieving any military personnel who are cut […]

The Expanding Market for AEW&C Solutions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and heightened tensions along NATO’s eastern flank, coupled with multi-domain operations in the Indo-Pacific Region, have placed considerable pressure on NATO members’ ageing fleets of manned Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft. This has triggered an accelerated procurement drive not only by NATO members, but also from different customers with […]

Gambit – DARPA’s Rotating Detonation Engine Programme

International competition for hypersonic weaponry is growing more intense every day, and the US and its allies have a bit of catching up to do with the Russians and Chinese. An article recently published in the Wall Street Journal on 16 September by Sharon Weinberger clearly stated the situation: “Hypersonic Missiles Are Game-Changers, and the […]

Diversity in Airlift

Air mobility and airlift capabilities represent critical assets, as they guarantee deployment and sustainability of forces, both globally as well as within the European theatre. Both assets cover a wide range of tasks, such as strategic long-range outsized cargo transport, intra-theatre logistics, special operations or medical evacuation and provide access to theatres across the globe. […]

Sniping Evolution

Sniping was once a much less complicated undertaking than it is today. The reason lies in the expansion of the performance of sniper rifles and supporting optics to previously unachievable levels. In turn, this has seen the sniper’s mission evolve significantly and, in parallel, a growth in understanding of the operational advantages that a high-quality […]

Countering Land Mines and UXO: Old Threats and New Frontiers in Ukraine

We are well into the second year of the biggest war in Europe since the end of the Second World War. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought the issues of land mine warfare into the harsh light of day. In addition, unexploded ordnance (UXO), also referred to as ‘explosive remnants of war’ (ERW), has […]

Dark Eagle: Fielding the US Army’s Long Range Hypersonic Weapon

The US Army remains confident that it will become the first Western military service to operationally field a hypersonic weapon, potentially as early as autumn of 2023. Through a joint service memorandum, the US Navy and the US Army are collaborating on the development of a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). This category of weapon is […]

Balancing the Artillery Picture

About 19 months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What was supposed to be a rapid campaign taking just a few days, has morphed into a grinding attritional battle, with both sides continuing to suffer significant personnel and materiel losses. In the midst of this dreadful conflict, it has become clear that artillery […]

Stryker SitRep: Enhancing Lethality and Versatility in the Medium Armoured Formation

Ongoing programmes to equip US Army Stryker vehicles with new weapon systems are intended to boost both lethality and survivability. The US Army’s Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT) were conceived in 1999 as an interim level armoured unit to fill the void between heavy (mechanised) and light infantry formations. The Stryker family of vehicles (FOV), […]

V for Vantage

Military demands for connectivity show no signs of abating and are only likely to increase in the coming years. Could V-band radio help absorb some the growing communications burden on the future battlefield? The V-band occupies part of the radio segment of the electromagnetic spectrum spanning from 40-75 GHz, corresponding to wavelengths of between 7.5 […]

US Army Ground Combat Systems Update

The US Army is currently modernising its combat vehicle fleet in order to meet more challenging adversaries. This effort combines upgrading in-service systems and introducing completely new combat vehicles. The US Army is currently pursuing 35 high-priority acquisition programmes covering six capabilities categories. These include various vehicle classes as well as improved-range tube artillery. Overall, […]

Common Tactical Truck: US Army Consolidates its Heavy Logistics Vehicle Fleet

Four contractors are competing for the right to build a new fleet of heavy trucks for the US Army. By leveraging state-of-the-art and next-generation commercial technology, the Pentagon hopes to acquire a modernised transport fleet tailored to the needs of multi-domain operations (MDO). Presently, the US Army operates four different classes of heavy tactical vehicle […]

Nuclear Options

This article looks briefly at some of the threats to world peace from nuclear weapons in today’s geopolitically explosive world. These threats have brought us to the edge of a very dangerous abyss. It also touches upon nuclear deterrence as the option favoured by Western powers and the Alliance, bolstered by strength and nuclear options […]

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