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Racal Acoustics has announced a new contract to supply the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) with their RA4000 Magna digital headset system. The seven year framework contract is worth up to US$4.7M and includes a full support package comprising of training, consumables and spares plus an option to supply follow-on orders as required.

The Racal Acoustics RA4000 Magna digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset systems supplied under this contract include:

  • the headset
  • a soft helmet liner
  • a ballistic helmet with integrated side-rails and NVG mount
  • a downlead to connect the system to the in-vehicle intercom.

Racal Acoustics Solution

Selected specifically to meet the needs of LEOPARD 1, LEOPARD 2 and CV90 crews, the RA4000 protects the wearer from in-vehicle noise whilst enabling effective communication and situational awareness. The system also allows the user to dismount from the vehicle yet retain ANR protection (powered by an integrated battery). As well as connecting the crew to the intercom, the system can be connected to remote communications devices, such as Personal Role Radio or other man-pack radios to allow the user to communicate with dismounted troops outside of the armoured vehicle crew environment. Already established as market leaders in military headset technology for high noise environments, this order further underlines Racal Acoustics as the global provider of choice for users wanting the very best protection whilst retaining optimum communication and situational awareness.

René Ulbjerg Toft, Deputy Technical Director, Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation, Land Materiel Systems Division said: “when tendering for a framework agreement on new CVC helmets for the Danish Army, DALO was focused on choosing a tactical solution that could provide as much attenuation as possible, without compromising clear intercom and radio communication. Through thorough user tests we conclude, that the RA4000 system was the only solution, that could satisfy our comprehensive requirements and operate efficiently on the heavily armoured platforms. DALO is eager to put the RA4000 system in service, to ensure the safety of the soldiers and to benefit from the flexibility that the software defined solution provides”.


Alexandre Huart, Vice President – Sales and Marketing at Racal Acoustics said: “we’re all very proud of winning this order and we’re looking forward to delivering a first-class product and support service to the DALO”. He added: “the RA4000 system delivers exactly what was specified by the customer. Our future-proofed design allows the Racal Acoustics engineers to upgrade the integrated software to take account of our ongoing innovation activity – constantly striving to maintain our ‘best in class’ position and reputation”.

Jack Richardson