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The German Armed Forces will receive 55 interoperable communication solutions based on RUAG’s Tactical Access Node (TAN) device to meet an acute operational need, the company said in a press release. TAN enables communication lines of different technologies and standards – from analogue field telephones to digital IP radios – to be interconnected.

During operations, TAN ensures technically flawless cooperation with participating nations and thus makes a significant contribution to security. The systems supplied by RUAG, the core of which is the RUAG TAN, transmit interoperable, secure voice and data communication and is intended for both highly mobile and stationary use.

Embedded in special containers designed for operation, transport and storage, the TAN ensures the interaction of various radio and data systems. A total of 55 TANs are supplied, each with three containers for radios to be connected and three antenna systems. This provides a modular, hardened and highly mobile solution for all deployment scenarios of the German Armed Forces, similar to the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania, where RUAG‘s TAN has already been deployed since 2017.

Gerhard Heiming