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The British Army will receive ClipIR XD-E thermal imaging devices to clip onto their combat helmets from 2022. The British MoD has commissioned Thermoteknix, the specialist for thermal imaging and night vision devices, to deliver the first devices within 12 months for around €3.7M. Optionally, the delivery quantity can be increased.

The ClipIR XD-E systems provide dismounted ground troops with enhanced situational awareness and increased threat detection capabilities in low light or no light conditions.

Thermoteknix’s miniature Thermal Clip-on Systems (TCOS) infrared camera transforms an existing monocular or binocular night vision device into an enhanced surveillance solution. The fused combination of thermal imaging and night vision technologies provides superior tactical benefits compared to standard night vision or thermal imaging alone.

ClipIR XD-E provides a 40-degree field of view to detect targets at distances of up to 500 m, allowing the user to see a target without being detected.

Gerhard Heiming