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Under a recently concluded framework agreement between the Federal German Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) and the Dutch company Defenture., the Bundeswehr is expanding the mission-specific adaptable vehicle family of the special forces. The agreement enables the procurement of up to 80 vehicles of the “Medium Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle Special Forces” (AGF 2) and “Medium Tactical Support Vehicle Special Forces Command” (UFK) variants.

According to the BAINBw, the modular design of the all-wheel-drive vehicles allows for preparation for the respective mission. This particularly applies to the protection of the vehicle crew and the choice of armament.

The AGF 2 variant can carry a variety of weapons on the main and secondary mounts. In addition, there is the possibility of carrying a reconnaissance and and observation sensor, which can reconnoitre, identify and determine the exact position of targets over long distances.

The UFK vehicle variant is primarily used for material and personnel transport.

The self-defence capability is based on the same armament options as the AGF 2.

The AGF 2 and the UFK are to replace the SERVAL combat vehicles currently in service and at the same time are to close the capability gap of a transport vehicle for tactical support of the special forces, which until now could only be carried out to a limited extent by the existing vehicle types.