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Diehl Defence has received an order from the Federal German Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support for the delivery of recertification and repair equipment for the RBS15 Mk3 heavy anti-ship missile. The equipment is to be provided to the Ammunition Supply Centre North at Laboe.

As a result, the German Navy will be able to carry out repairs and recertifications as well as inspections of the main armament of their new BRAUNSCHWEIG class corvettes without industrial support. This is expected simplify logistic processes and increase the functional capability of the weapon system.

The contract also covers the training of Bundeswehr personnel on site. The scope of delivery includes:

  • test and inspection equipment
  • workplace equipment auxiliary means and operating resources
  • basic service of spare parts for missile repair

With a range of more than 200km, the RBS15 Mk3 can engage targets both at seas and on land.

Jack Richardson