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Elbit has announced that new radios in the company’s E-LynX family feature multi-channel and full-duplex capabilities and that Sweden, Israel and a NATO country have placed delivery orders for more than 10,000 of these software-defined radios.

The capacity of radio networks is always limited. In order to be able to transport the necessary amounts of information among the network users and to increase the ranges, various technologies are used.

In its E-LynX radios, Elbit uses a multi-channel technology, which enables the simultaneous use of several radio frequencies for transmission and reception, the company says. By using one or more waveforms, network availability and presence is achieved at all times. By optimising the allocation of spectrum resources, the ability to perform multiple missions simultaneously is enhanced, the company writes.

The full duplex technology allows users to share information and conduct dynamic conversations simultaneously. This removes the limitation of one user at a time in current radio technologies.

Having equipped the armed forces of several nations with E-LynX radios – including Brazil, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain – Elbit expects to deliver more than ten thousand full-duplex, multi-channel E-LynX SDR systems in these programmes.