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According to a press release from Terma, the Danish Navy plans to embark on a procurement effort for new patrol vessels to address additional tasks and act as a replacement for the current oil-recovery vessels. As a result, the Danish MoD has initiated a development project of the new vessels type. Reportedly, it is the political intention to ensure involvement of Danish companies for the development of the vessels.

On 6 December 2021, three Danish companies OMT, PensionDanmark, and Terma hosted a dialogue meeting in Nyborg, Denmark, about business opportunities related to the requirement. The meeting was coordinated in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Defence and Security Association and Danish Maritime – a business association for Danish manufacturers of maritime equipment and ships. The three companies decided to submit a proposal for the project.

At the meeting, preliminary thoughts and ideas were discussed, and afterwards, both Terma and OMT conducted individual meetings with each company present. During these sessions, the participants had the opportunity to present their own unique competencies and technologies relevant to the project, both technical aspects of shipbuilding and of military operation.